Thank you for publishing this along with all the screen shots. I wouldn't be surprised if this link is removed after this- so I'm glad you provided the receipts. How many lives lost, health destroyed, and careers ruined could have been avoided is beyond imagination. What isn't beyond imagination is that it was on purpose, whether for monetary or political gain, it matters little.

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This sounds like good evidence for that doctor to use in a lawsuit against the College. Hope he or she took a screen-shot of everything.

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I told Wayback machine to archive the study. Because it wasn't.

Funny the little things that make me happy.



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It is a shock indeed.... but back in 2020 there was an election to steal

and panic to be had, and fear and name calling.

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This is sickening. The whole affair is sickening. When are people going to wake up.

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Thanks Dr. Bridle for highlighting this case. I hope the doctor takes action against his/her 'educators'.

Eugyppius had an article along the same lines: researchers in Bonn did a study hoping to show that HEPA filters reduced covid infections in childcare centers. What they found was the complete opposite and they pretty much ignored the finding in their study. Control group, children, had 186 infections, treatment group, children had 372. Control group, workers, had 529 and treatment group, workers had 1193.

Here's the study:


It seems that every intervention that the authorities pushed was an unmitigated failure.

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Saving all screen shots! Bastards!

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It was a psyop from the beginning. Even smart people had their reasoning powers severely impaired.

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There are not enough words in the English language to describe this and all that has been initiated, manipulated, controlled, manufactured and directed by these vermin.

Long may they burn 🔥

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Thank you Dr Byram Bridle for this important post.

I have known that Ivermectin was a safe, effective treatment for Covid-19 for years. I ordered Ivermectin from overseas in 2021 and received it before Customs Canada started seizing Ivermectin shipments, presumably on orders from our uber-corrupt PMO and/or the Colleges of Physicians.

Ivermectin cured even severe cases of Covid-19 in five days at 12mg/day.

As you know, Covid-19 was not a highly dangerous flu - it was only fatal to the very old and infirm; younger people had mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. The Lockdowns were utterly unjustified - a costly farce to stampede the sheep into accepting the new, untested, ineffective and dangerous "vaccines".

The Great Barrington Declaration by world experts stated that the lockdowns were unjustified on 8Oct2020 - I published the identical conclusions six months earlier on 21Mar2020.

On 8Jan2021 I wrote our governments advising against deploying the high-risk/low reward Covid-19 "vaccines". I did not yet know then that the Covid-19 "vaccines" were highly toxic and would kill tens of millions of all ages. My estimate to end 2023 is ~19 million killed by the Covid-19 injections in the Western world, and about 38 million killed worldwide. Denis Rancourt et al and I calculated identical numbers - 13 million vax-killed in the Western world by end 2022, and it is far from over.

Since Nov2022 I have advocated simple, over-the-counter worldwide treatments of the vaxed that, if adopted, would have saved millions of lives.

Our governments continue to peddle the obviously-toxic Covid-19 “vaccines”, continue to ban Ivermectin for Covid treatment, and willfully ignore the tens of millions of vaccine-caused deaths and billions of injuries. Their objective is now obvious: They are engaged in Medical Murder, to reduce our human population. THERE IS NO OTHER RATIONAL EXPLANATION.

Reference: “THE CULL TRILOGY”:

MURDER OF MULTITUDES Covid & Climate Chronicles – The Big Cull

Book 1 of the Cull Trilogy


THE CLIMATE SCAM - Fifty Years of False Fears

Book 2 of the “Cull Trilogy”



Book 3 of the “Cull Trilogy”


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I wonder if Dr. Bridle didn't mean "Cures all respiratory infections..."

Covid 19 has morphed into Any virus like illness, and the Canadian Health services make no effort at distinction.

There is no known "Lethal Dose" from Ivermectin. It has been safely used around the World for 70 years...!

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The Ivermectin seizures went to a whole other level with CBSA. There was a blanket shadow-ban on all parcel shipments from Japan for over 2 years (and presumably from other locations) "because covid". I call it a shadow ban because this blatant ban in trade was not advertised and would normally be cause for a diplomatic incident. That it didn't raises the question on the collusion of nations.

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sad to say the allopathic medical profession has been under the spell of pharmakeia for hundreds of years and remains terminally tainted

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I went to mexico and walked right in and purchased ivermectin. Flying home I was sure they would confiscate it. I took the correct dosage during omnicron, no side effects and have not been sick with anything in a very long time.

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Thank-you Dr. Bridle. You presented the information in this post perfectly. Please thank the physician who visited "the birthplace of evidence-based medicine".

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Omg: Busted.

Repost, far & wide, and link your family friends and brain-addled enemies to the SCIENCE.

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Love this story! Just one of many vindications of all doctors who committed the crime of saving people's lives against the wishes of those who falsely inflated the pandemic for political and financial purposes.

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If a naive, uneducated and completely unqualified person ran public health during a real pandemic, one would expect that half of the policies and practices would fail to some degree, while the other half would show some degree of success, simply due to the law of averages.

With Covid-19, the tall foreheads running the show seem to miss the mark consistently, seemingly defying the odds that at least one policy might make sense to logical human beings and result in some sort of a positive outcome.

When the goal is to create economic and societal destruction, however, propaganda takes precedence over logic and common sense. Those of us whose hackles were raised with the absurd "gender ideology" and "climate change" propaganda have had their worst suspicions confirmed with the corrupt behaviour of our "expert class" since March 2020.

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