Byram. As a doctor, let me help you out, good Sir! The technical terms you are looking for are: “What the actual f*ck.”

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To answer this question indirectly but unequivocally, someone once suggested the following experiment. Put one biological male and 10 biological females on a deserted island and come back in ten years. You'll probably discover that the population has increased. As the control we put one biological male on an island with 10 trans-women. Come back in ten years and you'll see either the same number of people (or fewer if some died) and everyone will only look older.

I would NEVER have believed as little as 5 years ago that we'd even be talking about this at all. I am even more aghast that we are being forced to treat these concepts as if they were actual issues.

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Dr. Bridle:

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is being dishonest. The "tunnel," as you accurately describe it, which is surgically added to male individuals' groins as a pretend vagina, would correspond to what the CCS calls a "neo-vagina." (A "false vagina" would be more accurate.)

Since these "tunnels" are primarily created from the patients' own mutilated penis, it would seem more relevant for so-called "trans-women" to be screened for PENILE cancer.

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It is appalling to think that a Canadian woman - a real one - might have her cancer screening delayed because the appointment was already taken by one of these guys indulging his fetish.

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I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or cry. As a woman this is one of the most insane things I have read recently. I stopped donating to all the institutions long before this because of the way donations were really being spent. I donate monthly to my food bank. I know the gentleman running it in my City, he takes no income, it is 90% volunteers and his only overhead costs are the building, heat, hydro and purchasing things not donated by people.

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Gender equality does not mean being woke silly. How offensive for a trans woman to read that from the CCS. Either the person who wrote this is incompetent, stupid (does not know what a trans woman is) or is trying to help the trans woman feel included. Included in a cancer screening process for women so they feel like a woman? Silly and a waste of time.

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I LOVE Corporate 'science'! It's some of the best fiction you can read.

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Mar 16, 2023·edited Mar 17, 2023

I am no expert on gender dysphoria nor its causes. I do, however, understand that there is such a thing as "queer theory" which has nothing to do with biology, medicine or health, and everything to do with upending cultural norms.

When an ideology like queer theory starts to infect the legal, educational and medical fields, it becomes pathological because it obscures objective truth and reality. Without objective truth, one cannot function competently as a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc.

In my view, this ideology should be regarded as intellectual terrorism.


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Maybe you are not aware of some new cervix trans-plant surgery that is going on? OR maybe they are growing cervixes in a warehouse in Van Nuys and attaching them to men.s tunnel wounds? Just commenting for a friend. All Hail the NWO...

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Oh Dr. Bridle, you're not nearly as confused as we're all going to be: French, Spanish, Slavic languages and others I haven't listed, they all will now have to change their entire languages: they all use gendered object pronouns.

Why is it 'la table' and 'le tableau'? Who was that nasty misogynist anyways? We'll just have to somehow get rid of all that prejudice and change all those languages to be gender neutral!!!

Except that when that happens, forget communication of any kind.

Perhaps I should have refrained from my attempt at sarcastic humour. I may have given the thought police too many ideas!!!

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Following the science, how quaint. Great post.

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I have lost ALL faith in the medical profession. I have become incapable of trusting almost any medical "professional." I stare into faces wearing masks that cannot work for their stated purpose, I receive directions for behaviours or actions that are farcical in nature (six foot distancing, anti-bacterial cleaning all the time, shots for an illness that are 3 years out of date (the originals), booster x forever, etc) and I listen as they adhere to magic guidelines and act on beliefs grounded in fantasy vs. reality.

I am genuinely concerned that I will never be able to accept their guidance ever again. And your note from today ensures that most charitable agencies pushing similar levels of insanity will never receive a dime or a thought from me ever again.

They broke everything. The really did.

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I assure you that many of us doctors are not on board with this craziness.

Sadly, we are in the minority.

Unbelievable, but true.


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No need for confusion, we've moved into a 2+2=5 world.

If anyone is interested in hearing from a person who went through the 'transitioning' process, here is a video from the Viva Frei youtube channel where young gay man tells the story of how he was surgically altered. He's trying to sue:


It makes you realize the depth of the harms that people experience at just about every step of the process.

This issue of treating biological males medically as biological females won't and can't end well.

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Thank you Dr. Byram Bridle.

Know that "You sir" are in my forever hero list, as I have followed your brave fight to bring the light, attention, and truth to the outright medical malfeasance and harm caused by our Canadian Federal and Privincial Health Authorities over the last few years.

You are a not just a hero, but a man that respects the hippocratic oath, a humanitarian and a brave warrior.

Take pride that you have walked the high road, and the numbers in our warrior army are growing.

We still have a long way to go to win back our rights and freedoms but we will win .

Trudeau has literally laughed in our face and ripped up the Canadian Chsrter of Rights and Freedoms, and broken International Laws such as the Nuremberg Code, and Helsinki Act (governing doctors) but Canadians are waking up every day.

Biden did the same to THE USA Constitution.

We are "at war" globally facing tyrants imposing totalitarian dictatorship and outright lies and a controlled media, while we the people simply try to preserve our most basic freedoms and liberty, that were paid for in great sacrifice and blood of our veterans.

You sir are now a veteran and too have paid heavily for your fight. Thank you and never surrender as the future of our children, humanity and planet depend on we the people.

Blessings from a Canadian and NATO Veteran .

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maybe people who used to be female and now identify as male should be tested.

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