What staggering hypocrisy.

Let's force the public to shut down everything, force experimental treatments on them, then blame the few with the stones and circumstances to refuse for it all...all while they''re cooking up amped up versions of the very thing they claimed the measures were preventing.

It's pretty undeniable that there is an all-out-war on the public and this is just yet another example.

I'd still rather take the gamble on this new "variant" then whatever "solution" they cook up for it.

But what can we do? Given the blatantly murderous and cruel Canadian policies regarding this nonsense I can't put anything off the table. Possessing known treatments could become a criminal offense, in the same way being uninjected effectively was. Maybe the camps they've been building were for "pandemic 2" all along...

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I so appreciate anyone else calling present policies "blatantly murderous". That's very much the way it feels.

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These might help, some/all are also effective against Covid: https://davenarby.substack.com/p/covid-19-vaccine-damage-repair-protocol

Most of them are available online w/no restrictions.

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It goes without saying that this is apocalyptically insane, beyond human comprehension, and psychopathic, BUT I am wondering what your take is on Alex Berenson's warning not to freak out about this:


I'm not a big fan of Alex (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-alex-berenson-on-world) but would welcome some reassuring news if his points are valid.

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Hi Margaret. I have added a section at the end of my article to deal with many questions I have received about Alex Berenson's post.

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Awesome and thanks, Byram!

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But Dr Paul Alexander confirmed once when asked that mice should not be used per Dr Yeadon as thei cells are much slipperyer than ours and these “viruses” or spike protein won’t stick to them as easily (also), that monkey cells should be used since more like human cells - so really seems possibly worse to me.

Also a paper I read from Jon Luc Montignier Foundation at least a year ago, or more, stated that omicron was not naturally occurring but was chimerically made by removing four codons of the wild type. They went through a tremendous amount of effort proving their method of figuring this out in three other unrelated examples /samples before putting the method to omicron. I could not print the paper! That part just came out white. After several hours later - I tried again to print - the paper was no longer up. ???

Not SURE what it all means...

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I would argue regardless of lethality, doing it at all is proof of malice.

Nobody had any right to enforce lockdowns and mandates in the first place, but doing more GoF on top of it all is a blatant reveal of an open war on the public.

All those businesses closed, all the fear, abandoned elders, suicides, destroyed careers, injuries from the "vaccines" and they're still working on cooking up more?

Lock them all up.

Dr Zelenko was right about the kind of people behind this.

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I believe this is all vaccine driven because a statement at the end of the paper indicates that that is what all this work they did was about. I think the actual researchers buy into the idea that vaccines are a magic solution despite the obvious evidence against it. They get their income from the pharma companies and so they want to believe that what they are doing is beneficial. They think, "now we will know how to create a better vaccine".

In reality they have been completely blinded and corrupted. Giving legal immunity to companies who make vaccines is a root cause of this kind of experimentation. If only we could put a stop to that, so much else would stop. Because the motivation would be gone. Also if we could stop scientists from being able to personally patent and profit from "discoveries" made with public funding. It all tends to lead back to vaccines.

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We had two boys commit suicide during the lockdown in our town of 11,000 people.

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I dont understand the Alex thing. He has no qualifications at all. Once in an interview he said ivermectin was useless cause is wife said so.

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Don't forget shilling for Paxlovid 🤔


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Right? Wth?

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No he did not!!!!


I remember being shocked when he Tweeted his intention to vaccinate his baby girl according to CDC recommended schedule. The comments went nuts.

He's uncovered all this shady shit during plandemic, but he still trusts the govt enough to comply with the traditional vax schedule? Blows my mind.

Spoiler Alert: the # of childhood vaccines we recieved as kids is NOTHING compared to what they give a baby today. So don't make the mistake of thinking, "well, I turned out fine, my siblings turned out fine..."

Yes, your generation managed to squeak by, but the kids born today are treated like pharma pin cushions. It's a completely different schedule today and its NEVER been tested in its entirety! (Cumulation of all these doses over a kids childhood)

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I beleive there are 76 shots on the kiddie schedule. Unbelievable

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Don't forget, they'll need a Covid Booster every 2-3 months ... and now we also have mRNA flu, RSV, and everything else coming.

Looks really promising: we're finally going to have perfect health, just like the Germans had perfect health and racial composition!

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Yeah, it goes back to his trouble appreciating the Precautionary Principle. The Mumps portion of the MMR is supposedly now inert ... so there's only risk, no reward. That's not something that's ethical to pump into the bodies of millions of children.

I find his version of proud, defiant atheism to be unpredictable in this way, sometimes.

I wish him the best.

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Thanks, I didn't see this until now.

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Alex is married? Ok then since it's nothing to worry about both he and his wife can volunteer to test the Demon Covid Virus - does he have kids?

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😆 They shouldn't have to suffer for the sins of the father.

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He has kids and has been perfectly clear that neither his kids nor any other kids should get covid shots. Good for him. But, does he want his kids to catch a chimera? If not, then he does adhere to the precautionary principle, and should say so clearly.

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As noted above - Alex should step up and be the first human test subject - let's see if he lives to sue Twitter again -- paid for by his audience -- and keep all the winnings.

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Berenson is a narcissistic Blow Hard SUPER DICK !!

Ignore him.

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Excellent idea!

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I'm not a big fan either as and I agree that this type of research is insane but I think Alex Berenson has a point about freaking out about lab made viruses. Here is a perspective I gained from a doctor (I can't recall the first name but the last was Bush) that I find reassuring.

Humans tinkering with viruses in labs have nothing on nature's evolutionary power. Out in the real world, viruses are adapting and evolving in ways that humans can barely fathom doing in any lab. He pointed out that the biggest labs out there running these types of experiments are not scientific ones but others that exist in the real world such as the huge pig manure vats in places like North Carolina. If a deadly pathogen has yet to escape from there, then how likely will humans tinkering in a lab come up with anything worse? We tend to give humans too much credit.

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Tinkering caused this https://www.eugyppius.com/p/the-marek-effect

MDV has been around for a long time, but it did not become a serious problem until the 1950s, with the rise of industrialised agriculture, as chickens were raised increasingly in crowded conditions favourable to virus transmission. MDV was first identified in 1968, and since the 1970s the poultry industry has protected its chickens with attenuated virus vaccines. As everyone already knows, these vaccines leak, which is to say that they protect chickens from the most serious symptoms of Marek’s disease but do not stop MDV replication or transmission. Vaccinated chickens carry and shed MDV for life. Since the introduction of these vaccines, MDV has become vastly more pathogenic for unvaccinated chickens.

Today Marek's disease has a nearly 100% infection fatality rate for the unvaccinated, killing all infected chicks within a few weeks of infection. Almost all newly hatched chicks are susceptible after their maternal antibodies wane. The older, milder MDV strains described in the early 20th century have totally disappeared.

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These two things are not analogous.

Marek's disease did not come about because of tinkering with a virus in a lab to make it more deadly/transmissible etc. but rather using leaky vaccines to address a virus which made the viral infection worse.

Also some have disputed these findings. However, regardless, this just echoes my point that humans are a lot less capable than many think, especially the ones doing the "science". In this case, they made far worse something they were trying to treat that would have taken care of itself had it been left up to nature. in the other, assuming that in a lab they could come up with a virus that would be far more deadly than something nature would have already come up with on its own eons ago that would have long ago wiped out our species.

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The leaky vaccines were made in a lab... so tinkering was involved.

My theory -- which is a hybrid of Bossche's theory ... is as follows...

This plan was hatched decades ago and is multi-facted (https://www.headsupster.com/forumthread?shortId=220) with the CovCON being used to convince billions to inject the 'vaccines'

The purpose of deploying this leaky vaccine during what is essentially a flu pandemic was to generate a highly contagious mutation...

I will assume that is not possible in a lab -- it's a numbers game and the only way you can get the numbers up and hit the jack pot is to mass vaccinate.

Omicron and the myriad of other mutations that have resulted from this are indeed extremely contagious...

I suspect that if the injections continued at some point we'd get the deadly contagious mutation that Bossche warns of ... but that is not guaranteed...

I suspect that they wanted to rig the game so instead of waiting and hoping ... they spliced in the deadly part to the highly contagious part... (assuming that can be done in a lab)... and now they have this Demo Covid...

And they will at some point they will unleash it on us.

The global economy is going to collapse -- they have been throwing everything at this since GFC and now they are running out of ammo fast... they will be monitoring the situation and when the Economics Team inform the board that 'we cannot hold this together much longer - do it'

Demon Covid will be launched ... and the extinction event will begin.

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Not the same. Tinkering in a lab to make a vaccine that doesn't work doesn't take any real skill. Tinkering in a lab to create a virus that would outdo all the viruses nature has created is not incompetence but rather attributing man with god-like powers.

I don't buy into this fear porn. My guess is that if we do start to see deaths this winter, it won't be because of some lab made virus but probably ADE from the vaccines which many warned could be a possibility including none other than Fauci. Maybe they are putting this story of this lab leak out there in the event there is ADE, they would definitely prefer to blame another culprit. What better than this virus?

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Right? I also found that really weird.

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Oct 18, 2022Liked by Dr. Byram W. Bridle

Safety lapses even from BSL-4 labs happen frequently enough that gain-of-function research was shut down in the US, in 2014. So Fauci/NIAID through Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance shunted money to Wuhan to continue the work Dr. Zhengli Shi and Ralph Baric had been doing for years -- creating a highly pathogenic virus from a non-humanly transmissible coronavirus found in horseshoe bats. AND -- they published the methods used when they succeeded at this, in Nature Medicine's November 20, 2015 issue. The rationale "we have to do this to see if it might happen in nature" is beyond absurd, because mutations happen randomly in nature. If a lengthy peptide sequence or a furin cleavage site that NO variation of the virus has ever had is needed for it to infect humans (as in RATG13 that Shi/Baric used to create the Covid-19 coronavirus,) the likelihood of ALL of those very specific mutations ALL eventually occurring and lining up in sequence, in viruses that rarely encounter human cells (like coronaviruses in horseshoe bats,) is very, very, very low. But the likelihood of something like that being released from the lab cooking it up -- accidentally, or on purpose -- is likely far higher than it happening in nature. The mRNA death shots have been SO profitable for NIH/Fauci/NIAID and Big Pharma, my fear is they'll release another horrible variant, cooked up in a lab, to keep the profits rolling in when the current Covid versions lose their pathogenicity -- which is the natural progression of viruses, and has been happening with Covid.

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Right, I thought this was illegal on US soil. Hence the entire reason for the NIH-funded GOF in Wuhan that brought us roaring into this wonderful new era. Or did I miss something here?

Given how everything has gone thus far, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the definition of "gain-of-function" has been modified to allow for gain-of-function, much as "pandemic" was modified to allow for non-pandemics, and "vaccine" was modified to include products that don't vaccinate you against anything.🤦‍♂️

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Under pressure from Fauci et. al, the moratorium on gain-of-function was lifted, but I forget exactly when. 2019, maybe? Though it violates several biowarfare treaties, this kind of work has been going on in multiple advanced countries for many years, and I think has accelerated as gains in bioscience have made new things possible. Fauci is responsible for handing out grants for studies commissioned by the Department of Defense, so I'm guessing GOF was moved to Wuhan and our government looked the other way because the Intelligence Community was worried the US would fall behind the biowarfare advancements made by other developed nations, if we stopped. Though I don't know for sure the DOD was involved, there's simply no way US Intelligence didn't know what was going on at Wuhan. It's a matter of national defense. Dr. Robert Malone has ties to the Intelligence Community, so he might know who was involved in what. Though they might have to silence him, if he talked. Given his associations with the "dark side of our government," I've been amazed at how outspoken Malone has been. He must have a lot of former colleagues who are really pissed at him.

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Oct 18, 2022Liked by Dr. Byram W. Bridle

Dr Byram, can I use thank you for sharing this horrifying information. It's a heads up as to what's to come next. I really am having an issue with globalists at the moment!

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A young lad who steals a car can go to jail. But a group of scientists and bureaucrats, can create a virus that has the potential to kill billions, totally destroying modern civilization, and barely a whimper.

This is simply too ridiculous to rationalise.

Something is desperately wrong!

Either the World has gone entirely mad, or there is a group of insane people intent on ridding the World of human beings - Fauci being one of them.

I recall seeing footage of Bill Gates pondering the Covid pandemic, then he says - with a disturbing foresight - 'if people think this was bad, wait until they see what happens next' (or, words to that effect). Of course, his face lit up with his satisfied smirk, sending a shiver down the spine of anyone aware of just how orchestrated the past >3 years have been.

I would dearly love to be wrong.

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Effing unreal.

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I wish they’d just leave us all alone.

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"I am confident that my research team could use this information to make the same chimeric virus. My team would never do this. However, I cannot speak to the morality of potential bioterrorists who could just as easily replicate the work should they have access to basic laboratory facilities.

In essence, the 23 authors of this paper have provided a recipe for a potentially potent bioterrorism agent. It is in the public domain and can no longer be eliminated from cyberspace."

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This is the horrifying thing.

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I have been pondering this since first reading about this the other day.

If we assume the intent of injecting billions of doses of these leaky 'vaccines' into billions of people was for the purpose of generating endless mutations that would exterminate our species... (the Bossche Mutation as I call it)

Then why did they not simply create this deadly mutation in a lab from the get go - then release it?

Could it be... that they needed a mutation that was extremely contagious - and the only way to do that as to mass vaccinate with a leaky vaccine during a pandemic? Once they accomplished that then they took that into the lab and messed around with it creating a virus that is extremely lethal - and easily spread?

Do they now intend to release this?

Today Marek's disease has a nearly 100% infection fatality rate for the unvaccinated, killing all infected chicks within a few weeks of infection. https://www.eugyppius.com/p/the-marek-effect

I would point out that there is no effective vaccine against Covid - so there will be nothing to stop the spread of this nightmarish mutation.

I have suggested that the reason they are exterminating us is because we are into deep depletion on energy and we are on the precipice of total collapse - that would lead to mass murder, rape, starvation and cannibalism - essentially hell on Earth.

There are also 4000 spent fuel ponds that would go unmanaged and spread their toxic waste across the planet for years... killing anyone who survived the collapse.

Note that two weeks ago we had a situation whereby the UK pension system was about to implode - that would have been Lehman on Steroids had the BOE not stepped in with desperate measures.

In a nutshell spiking interest rates caused a crisis in the bond market threatening the solvency of the pension funds - interest rates have been pushed up to tamp down inflation. The BOE intervened driving the rates down -- however low rates are a major driver of more inflation - so this is obviously no solution... they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The timing of this lab-induced mutation is very suspicious ... the global economy is going to collapse - there is no way out of that --- is the plan to unleash this virus on the planet and exterminate us before the economic implosion?

For those interested in the connection between energy - the GFC - and hypothesis above - this is crucial reading:

SEE PAGE 59 - THE PERFECT STORM : The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel https://ftalphaville-cdn.ft.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Perfect-Storm-LR.pdf

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Thinking like this - how do you wake up in the morning? Maybe all of this is true...but maybe not....I’m just at my limit of this major apocalyptic doom type of thinking...if we really believe this than why not bring on the deadly virus - what’s the point anyway?

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The point is that you don't give up, ever.

Our days on this earth are numbered. This is true for each and every one of us; we don't get out alive.

While we yet live, we form bonds with others that will live a while longer, after we ourselves have shuffled off the ol' mortal coil. We can do no other; it's how we are made.

The point of standing up to industrial-level murder is that if we don't, it accelerates. I've got young relatives that I'd like to live on after my own time to die has come.

The mortal threat must be clearly identified before it can be contained. I'm no more enamored of relentlessly bad news than anyone else is, but all of life faces an abyss, and staring into that abyss is the only way to know what it contains.

Still and all, you have a point. There must be moments where we turn away from the abyss. Only be looking away, will we remember why we mustn't give up. When we glance over out shoulder, we see life, love, laughter and kindness. It is those human qualities that we struggle to preserve.

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My point is trying to understand why this is happening.

It's the same reason I read books. I like to understand stuff.

How do I wake up in the morning? I sleep well and I semi retired just after GFC so I wake up without a clock... I semi retired just after GFC and began a global bucket list when I realized that we were f789ed.

That's one of the benefit of being curious.. of seeking to understand... I tried to warn a number of good mates that they were wasting their time in the gold mine... but they ignored me .. probably called me chicken little...

One of them has seen the light with Covid and tells me he's gonna do what I did when we get over this... I don't have the heart to tell him he's left it too late... we won't get over this

This is an extermination plan https://www.headsupster.com/forumthread?shortId=220

Do I feel despair? Nah ... I got over a decade of doing all the things I have always wanted to do...

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Wow. So dangerous on so many levels.

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Once again they create the problem, a new deadly germ, and now to make the really big money they sell us the cure. Hopefully one that actually works this time. Such a scam.

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When I read about this study a few days ago, my take on it was that this was horrifying. Definitely gain of function research, proving most emphatically why it should be banned. Irresponsible, dangerous, and my immediate thought: one just KNOWS this is going to escape the lab. The thing exists. Somehow, it's going to get loose, and I will bet that whoever provided the money for this, they're OK with that. They've either got money to make from that, or a kill rate of 80% squares with their goals. Well, probably both. With a kill rate like that, once this gets loose, if that doesn't have everyone willing to line up and pay lots and lots of money to take any concoction offered which might save them, it will provide GLORIOUS justification for all governments to mandate it.

In Canada, we can bet that every draconian COVID measure will be slammed back down hard about our ears, undoubtedly elaborated and made more vicious. Add all the measures we have spotted in the past year being prepared to support and enable more. Construction of "isolation camps". Hiring of nurses and guards (armed?) to staff same. Continued inducements for colleges of physicians and surgeons to continue harassing and shutting out any responsible doctors who promote any treatments other than those mandated. Continued denial of access to any except the most expensive experimental "theraputics" (they're the best, and it will be all for our good)...bloody hell. Literally. Of course the smarmy, sanctimonious lectures about staying "up to date" (or else) will continue in the meantime.

I don't want to go back through any of where we've been the past two years, in terms of a restricted and punished life. So when this starts...I'm not going to give the regime the satisfaction of applying for MAiD, but being old, I think that if I can neither run nor fight (both options to be investigated), it'll be time to take a deep breath and prepare to die. The only question feels like being whether it'll be at home, either of the virus or some toxic mRNA product the state has force-jabbed me with, or in a gulag because I've said no to it.

Thinking the virus will be preferable.

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I went through more or less the exact same thought process after reading about this on October 14, 2022, the day this appeared. I first saw it on a French-language blog (Skidmark on WordPress.com) and I expected it to explode all over the internet the next day. Strangely enough, it didn't. I saw a link to the preprint in a Hebrew-language tweet by an Israeli researcher on Sunday (two days later.) I'm baffled as to why it took several days till it became widely talked about in English.

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Pfizer International Developed Markets president Janine Small testified to the European Parliament Covid committee on 10 October 2022: (1) that covid fatigue was the 'biggest issue' (for selling product!) stating "We should be doing all we can to continue to make sure that people are aware that the pandemic is not over and what options from a vaccination, a booster or an oral treatment is available. " (timestamp 50:20)

(2) Small also said (timestamp 11.37): “There remains the possibility that a future variant could emerge that combines Omicron’s contagiousness with the original virus’s severity, and this is a scenario no-one wants to imagine”

This study will BOOST FEAR to SELL PRODUCT

Full testimony here: https://youtu.be/5A2ZkW8pUWg?t=697

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How about this “study” could be the precursor to a deadlier staged “pandemic”?

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The story just out about a Boston team of researchers, creating what they claim as a lethal form of the “Covid virus” is questionable on a number of levels.

First, they’re admitting to violating US laws and countless international treaties, which should get them shut down immediately

Secondly, they claim to have ginned up a lethal strain of a virus that’s never been isolated or purified and its whole form, so as of yet not proven to exist

Third, they claim to have taken the omicron variant, a fictitious made up mutation of the original virus that’s never been identified and proven to exist, And made it lethal

And even though animals can provide early safety, signals in drug testing… They are not generalizable to humans. There could’ve been many reasons why the mice died.

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wait for more evidence?

with people like you there never will be enough evidence.

for how can there be evidence if the virus itself does not exist?

maybe it is about time you took your head out of your ass?

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Maybe it's about time to watch your language.. mindless zombie

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achterlijke dakhaas die ge zijt!

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Haha, get a life, loser

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Andrew is correct.

It’s less lethal than Wuhan-1 but more lethal than omicron.

But if it’s more transmissible in humans than Wuhan-1, then Daszak Denizen will have many pictures from Haymarket that have BUhan-1.


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Oct 18, 2022·edited Oct 18, 2022

Consider the possibility this might all be a psy op to interfere with the November US midterm elections.

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My first thought until I read this was it was a scare event, not really true. Now that I read the recipe is out for any moronic terrorists, that changes things. Now I just don’t know what to expect day to day.

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