I've forwarded the post to friends...believers and to very recent converts!

PS: I subscribe to Eugyppius also. In a recent post, he wrote about the extreme change in Germany: vaccine injury is getting considerable attention in their MSM after Karl Lauterbachs' interview where he admits vaccine harm. People there are suing BioNtech. Trudeau can't keep the lid on much longer!

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Dear Dr. Bridle,

I was great to see you at the Drs.-Kory-Cole-Lindley event ...

I am the person that last spoke with you when you were leaving after standing outside under the Eglinton Grand marquee ... it was very late!

You are an amazing person ... I thank your most sincerely for your perseverance and non-stop effort in spreading truth. You are so very honourable and kind.

To remind you, I work at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and remain unvaxxed along with about 3,500 TDSB employees (my best guess out of about 40,000 employees).

Myself and others appreciate your talk to the TDSB trustees and the research documents you provided, which you explained to me, the trustees are obligated to read! (That's a very important revelation ... when presented, with proper notice, they must read the submissions).

Therefore, your documents are IN THE RECORD ... as your talk is ON THE RECORD.

As I said, around November 12th 2021, Trustees Tonks and Smith got a Emergency Motion (EM) passed for a vote by the 22 trustees to “Re-visit PR734: COVID-19 Vaccination Procedure For Employees Trustees and Other Individuals .”

Because an EM need s 2/3rds super-majority to pass, it failed to pass because 8 dictatorial women voted against the other 14 trustees ...14 to 8 (if only one of the 8 women was not available that day, the entire vaccine mandate for TDSB workers would have never occurred).

If my memory serves, I recall it was after the November EM that you spoke to the TDSB trustees... maybe in January 2022 ? Nonetheless, in my opinion, these trustees are liable for many damages they caused ...

As far as I know, the only school boards of significant size to invoke the legally questionable employee “vaccination mandates” were Ottawa-Carlton and the TDSB.

I is my understanding that The Toronto District Catholic School Board, though in the same city, with the same provincial and city health officials, did not have a vaccine mandated for their employees! I assume, all their employees were allowed to do Rapid Antibody Tests (RATs).

So as promised, here attached is the Pfizer (first contract) with the US Department of Defense (DOD), I got it from Robert Barnes, the attorney representing

Brooks Jackson, a whistle blower of the fraudulent Pfizer Phase-3 Trials (she witnessed the subcontractor Ventavia Labs )

As we both wondered... where are the Canadian contracts with Pfizer? With Moderna? With AstraZeneca ? CAN THE CONTRACTs BE SHOWN, through FOI or through a lawsuit leading to a court order for disclosure ?

Apparently, a small Canadian Senate committee of about of dozen of senators, was supposed to have access to the contracts, but were denied ...?

As mentioned, I am following US attorney, Robert Barnes, lawsuit against Pfizer for fraud, by not supplying a “Safe and Effective” vaccine for Covid-19.

The case was dismissed by a federal judge in Texas (“With Prejudice” ? ), but according to Barnes, this is actually not a major hurdle ... because there is still a legal pathway to gain more disclosure, and hopefully, an actual trial with a jury (or Judge ?)...

So I believe, after American attorneys get some legal traction, we will get legal traction in Canada--- some civil court justice, and maybe even some criminal court justice ?

Sincerely, Alex Davyduke


PS If I can't attach to PdF of the DoD /Pfizer contract, I will need and your email to send to you ...

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My mother's non-profit Toronto nursing home likewise never had the authority to extort gene jab compliance from civilians like me. Once lockdown was lifted I should have been permitted to continue to care for my Mom without having to risk the awful side effects that have destroyed the lives of some of my friends and family members. Residents were not mandated to get the gene jabs or any other vaccine in order to continue to receive care, so why did the home lie to the public for nearly 3 years and claim the jabs mandate applied to us? My mother had natural immunity, having survived their first outbreak easily on a protocol of quercetin, zinc and vitamins A, C and D. I had natural immunity too. So a pseudo-vaccine that couldn't prevent infection or transmission but could destroy acquired and innate immunity made zero sense for her or me. Yet I was restricted from entering the home to care for my mother because I refused the shots. I could see during our Skype calls in 2021 that she never had her nails or hair cut, wore dirty clothes that were not hers, and was often sobbing. For two years she suffered from neglect, injuries, deprivation, falls, isolation, infections, drug reactions, scabies that went untreated for months, pressure sores, deep wounds that won't heal, and sudden inexplicable onset of dysphagia with loss of speech and mobility last fall. I was gaslit about this when she was unresponsive during Skype calls in November and December. I know I could have prevented much of her suffering and possibly delayed the deterioration that has happened to her, had I been able to care for her daily. I only got in to see my mother in January 2023 after contacting my MPP who confirmed that the home could not mandate the shots. I confronted the admin and have been visiting my mother every day since. But the damage they did to her is irreversible.

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U of T receives millions in funding from the Mafia, I mean Government!

I have sent a letter of condemnation to the University I attended. They are complicit in crimes against Humanity and will be held accountable.

1. No record of SARS-CoV-2


2. All-cause mortality during COVID-19 - No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response!


3. Virology has a lot of explaining to do! No virus has been isolated in a proper controlled experiment!

Looks like the entire Virology Cult is a fraud!


4. Mistakes were not made! An Anthem for justice! by Margaret Anna Alice, narrated by Dr. Tess Lawrie | A must view Anthem. "Do not let them get away with it."

Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice (Video), by @MargaretAnnaAl1 https://open.substack.com/pub/margaretannaalice/p/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem-57a?r=yz29c&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

Now is the time to take back our Health from the disease mongers!

Best of health,

Doug Leclair

p.s. Start your Journey to the truth!


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Thank you Dr Byram! My daughter was kicked out from York University because of "vaccine" We didn’t not give up but many students and their parents did.

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Hold their little lemming feet to the FIRE!

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Censorship is the default position of governments and elite run institutions.

Unable to debate or discuss with the public all manner of issues so far easier to try to shut it down.

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Welcome to the duplicitous age of plausible deniability:

Make the righteous claim once the criminal pursuit works out poorly.

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It's a great letter with many great questions. Unfortunately, I think a lawsuit with all those affected will be the only way to receive a response, but the letter is the first step.

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On a separate issue, speaking of the devil, I was watching your lecture directed at one Bonnie 'Clyde' Henry and have a question.

What is the stance of the immunological community on mRNA vaccines? It appears the groups governing them are all in. Am I correct?

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Thank you, Dr Bridle, for standing for human dignity and true science.

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Oh my, you wouldn't want questions at a university!! Thank goodness for censorship.

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We are in the Terminal Stages of the massive fraud that was Covid.

The real world consequences of the injectables has become undeniable, these politicians are scrambling to protect themselves.

This is what they call the Fake It Till You Make it zone.

What they fail to understand is that this only exacerbates the feelings of betrayal and the anger at having been lied to.

This will not end well for these Covid Creeps.

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What a good question! and a convincing premise! It would probably mean that the "imposing" of "consequences" is a form of a mandate (its what I would be convinced to believe) and this type of way to implicate a mandate means that they do not have to use the word mandate but for a mandate to be actively what is enforced! If the scholars (Universities) interpreted this as a means to impose a madate, with the actual use of the word, then it is totally convincing to suggest that the government (executive branch of it in cabinet) did implement a mandate. Devious.

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Hi Byram,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Ben Migotto and I recently completed my MSc degree in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University. My research interests are in epidemiology, assessment and rehabilitation of sports-related concussion, and various COVID-19 topics including treatment protocols for patients with COVID-19 injection injuries and Long COVID. I recently became a member of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA). I emailed you last week to share my interest in networking with academic scientists and health professionals at the CCCA. I am currently assisting Dr. Claudia Chaufan in her research by investigating conflicts of interest in Canadian academia that influenced COVID research activities (ex. McMaster University’s sponsoring of the TOGETHER trial and the role of Edward Mills and colleagues), and COVID policy decisions including college/university vaccine mandates. I have reached out to you as I admire your integrity, courage and insight as an expert viral immunologist and vaccinologist. I can recall in your interviews with alternative media journalists that you receive numerous emails daily so it is totally understandable that you have not had the time to respond to me. Feel free to read my email if you have some time over the next couple weeks, perhaps after you present at the International COVID Summit III. It includes my CV and a summary of my undergraduate research experiences, my first original research publication, my master’s thesis and its ongoing dissemination, and my interest in supporting patients with COVID-19 injection injuries and Long COVID sequalae.

Thanks and take care,

Ben Migotto, MSc


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Apparently now even Justin Trudeau is claiming he didn't force anyone to get vaccinated: https://twitter.com/TheChiefNerd/status/1650598625141989385

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