Bang on article, Dr Bridle.

You are one of a relatively small number of people who have done an essential job during Covid; letting people know that not all experts agree, and calmly and logically laying out the evidence and rationale for people to see. People who do this are an antidote to the official misinformation that is fast becoming the hallmark of our age; an age that in tenets, epistemology, genuine curiosity and values is beginning to resemble a return to a (the) darker age...

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Brilliant analysis of what is clearly just a fearmongering article in a substandard newspaper that shames itself daily with propaganda, misinformation, and outright lies. But what else would we expect in this day and age? Geert van den Bossche would echo your thoughts on this poor journalism. Superb Substack article.

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As I heard on Sasha's very enlightening talk with Catherine Austin Fitts today (Aug 30), "the next variant will be called BS.24.7"

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Hello everyone. I'm going to be a bit cheeky and post a poem that I found on the UK newspaper (Daily Mail) last night. It was so good I have to share it. Hats off to the author.

(btw - the article is titled " Covid and flu jab brought forward over 'concerning' Covid variant: Vaccines to be deployed in less than a fortnight over fears Pirola will overwhelm NHS" - and there already almost 6,000 comments - mostly saying NOOOOO !!!!!)

Congratulations Dr Byram - a brilliantly written article as always. You are a beacon in these dark times.🙏

Heres the poem -:

Vaxxer, Vaxxer, so obsessed,

Wore your mask and took your tests.

Still got Covid, every strain,

Spike proteins inside your brain...

Short of breath at twenty four,

“Dr. Fauci, give me more!"

Proteins tangle and misfold,

Myocarditis taking hold...

Swollen heart at twenty five,

"Thank Moderna I'm alive!"

But there’s no cure for the micro-clot,

Getting worse with every shot...

Heart attack at twenty six,

Prayed to Pfizer for a fix.

Vaxxer, Vaxxer, death is lurking,

Doctor says, "That means it's working."...

Died of SADS at twenty seven,

All good Vaxxers go to heaven.

Obituary headline noted:

“Anti-Vaxxer Dies of Covid."...

His family is quite upset,

But they're alive, at least as yet.

And, they say, "It’s for the better - Without the vax,

he would be deader."

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Thank you so very much for this breakdown. “Never again should the value of naturally acquired immunity be dismissed.” Yes!

Saving this article for friends and family being stirred up with fear.

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Moderna lost $1.4bn in Q2 and is desperate to prop up its falling share price.


That’s the main reason the hype machine is revving up.

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Pfizer, the NIH, CDC, and FDA have made it so strokes, heart attacks, neurological diseases, and sudden death are normalized standard expectations since the vax was rolled out. All in the name of preventing coughs, sneezes, fever, and sniffles. In case you have not caught on yet, mankind is the disease they are working tirelessly to eradicate.

SARS-CoV2 is dangerous to almost no one - and they knew it nearly from the the start.

https://tritorch.com/covidKillRate [image]

https://tritorch.com/CDCIFR2020 [image]

In September 2020, this was the CDC's best estimate for the COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate:

0-19 years old: 0.00003

20-49 years old: 0.0002

50-69 years old: 0.005

70+ years old: 0.054

Meaning all of the following carnage was based on a deliberate lie:

The masks ● the social distancing ● the lockdowns ● the economic and farming destruction ● the mental and physical health destruction ● the arrested development of millions of children ● the myriad of preventable suicides ● the bevy of new, rushed, barely tested, deadly vaccines

They had a practice run for this charade in 2009: https://youtu.be/Gs-DBOFWCpc [3.31mins]

Resist and take action or be a slave.

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I’m unpopular in not believing there’s even been a pandemic of a novel virus.

But, if there truly has been, then this I’m sure of.

Past pandemics have never lasted more wa few weeks to a few months in any one spot, and never approaching four years.

Everybody in the world has by now been exposed to a version of said virus.

Their immune system will have dismembered the pathogen and memorised dozens of notable antigens.

Therefter variants, which differ by low % amounts compared with the alleged original strain, will all be recognised.

I’m calling total BS at this point, if not a long time ago.

Thank you, Byram!

Best wishes


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Thank you, Dr Bridle! You have been a beacon of clarity to my wife and I from the moment you excitedly announced the findings of the Japanese bio-distribution study! We pray that justice will be done to the miscreants that conspire against you and other steel-spines, ethically stalwart doctors an researchers! God bless you richly!

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Another scariant of the SCAM, all planned in advance.

Reminder. Dr Phil Febo: Moderna and Pfizer Never Had the ‘Isolated’ Virus in Their Lab, They Used the Sequence Sent From China

Chinese CDC Admits They Never Isolated the Virus. Kary Mullis about PCR test


Dr. Michael Yeadon: Every Single Thing We Were Told Is a LIE

'The “Vaccines”Have Killed Millions... Personally I No Longer Believe There Was Any Novel Respiratory Virus... If we can’t persuade people of that, humanity is going down'


They are mocking us:

Nothing To See Here: UK To Deploy mRNA Nanoparticle Biowepon Shots From 9/11 2023

All by the numbers


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"Pirola" according to the Wordsense dictionary means "dick" - as in nothing. eg " last weekend I did dick all."

They are dicking with us.

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while being trained in bioinformatics on protein sequences and wanting to determine actually which residues are NOW mutated, I just absolutely can't find the sequence of that new version...

Even CDC doesn't even bother to put it out!!! Where is it? Does it really exist?

Wanted just to check out how that new sequence converges towards certain known targets, like venoms.

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On a runaway train

Racing towards a cliff

Danger is present

It's hard to miss

But don't dare speak up

Or slam on the brakes

Conspiracy theories

Say conmen and snakes

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This comment is a variant of my last comment. Eat the elites before they eat you???

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fatigued of this evil nonsense already.

pirola defined (they’re laughing at you)…


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Sorry but I didn’t panic at the start with the first one, not gonna start now.

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