Bang on article, Dr Bridle.

You are one of a relatively small number of people who have done an essential job during Covid; letting people know that not all experts agree, and calmly and logically laying out the evidence and rationale for people to see. People who do this are an antidote to the official misinformation that is fast becoming the hallmark of our age; an age that in tenets, epistemology, genuine curiosity and values is beginning to resemble a return to a (the) darker age...

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I think we (here, specifically the health care system) is already well down the chute to a dark age. The Covid-19 mRNA "vaccine" fiasco of the past three years is (in my opinion) is the most blatant abrogation of all prior standards of science and ethics. Although I leave open the question of deliberate evil (e.g. population culling), the evidence of greed trumping safety, of mandating use of a "vaccine" that is demonstrably ineffective and has little to no proof of safety, is manifest for even the most casual observer. I suspect that mRNA jabs already are the worst public-health disaster in history, with deaths and injuries in the millions. And to be even more pessimistic, mRNA is only the latest of a long series of medical products and services that turn out to be of relatively little benefit or perhaps even net harms. I've gotten in the habit of pointing out to my doctors that their past or proposed Intervention X isn't of very much expected benfit and if they care to, I'd be happy to show them "the literature" so stating. Needless to say, this doesn't exactly make me popular. But it does have the useful benefit, to me at least, of showing that I'm wise to their deceptions and I no longer accept any of their recommendations unchallenged. I'm not saying that all medical care is useless. What I AM saying is that the entire system is biased to maximize profits. Alas, science and safety take a back seat. Are we approaching a point where, as in the distant past, one is literally better off AVOIDING the doctor entirely?

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I like you Satan ;-) Not worship-level, like the cabal, just as in 'good comment' level.

I don't disagree with anything you say there; I suspect we are quite far down the chute also. However, I try to be somewhat circumspect in public statements. Not for fear of retribution - I don't really care about blowback - but so as not to mischaracterise the groundswell that is happening, and to be less 'dismissable' to those few still truly in the middle, or with open minds.

I, similarly to you, suspect we will see that the Covid jabs (and similarly, the Covid response) will be the greatest public health disaster in human history - possibly by a factor of 10 or more. Oxycontin (280k) and denial of corticosteroids (likely 1m+) will probably seem like the opening act.

The entire medical system is indeed corrupted; but I think that is a symptom, not the cause. Unless we can address the driving factor, the tiny group of incredibly powerful and wealthy interests who are driving global policy and manifestly care not a whit about the people (and may indeed want the bulk of them to die), then it will be bandaids on the Titanic (to mix metaphors).

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Jake, it is true that not all experts agree. However, when it came to the covid response, we have had way too many non experts given megaphones as long as they support the approved narrative. A certain lawyer in Alberta comes to mind, Dr. Brydle knows him well. The experts, like Dr. Brydle are shut down, cancelled and have their lives made much more difficult because they challenge the narcissists.

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Brilliant analysis of what is clearly just a fearmongering article in a substandard newspaper that shames itself daily with propaganda, misinformation, and outright lies. But what else would we expect in this day and age? Geert van den Bossche would echo your thoughts on this poor journalism. Superb Substack article.

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I was also thinking of GVB whilst reading this article, because it echoes many of the things GVB says, but in an actually comprehendible way 🤓

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That's what I was thinking also. :)

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Geert van den Bossche is stuck on the example of supposedly vaccine induced selection of the virus causing Marek's Disease in chicken. This was almost 100 years ago and no samples exist to test this hypothesis.

If you follow the origin of the flu viruses, most of them come from Far East Asia or Mexico where vaccinations are rare and not from Germany or the Scandinavian countries where the vaccination rates are very high. Moreover, the vaccinations for respiratory infections are almost completely ineffective just like such infections do not leave lasting immunity.

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Isn't it also true that many in third world countries like some in Asia and some in Mexico live in close proximity to their livestock, thus making virus transmission more likely? I've heard of the asian flu, mexican flu, china flu, etc., but never Germany, Switzerland, Norway flu, etc. Hmmm

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You are absolutely correct, although this is changing. About fifty years ago probably more than 50% of the Chinese lived in one room house together with pigs, ducks, swine, rabbits to name just a few. Flu viruses have segmented genomes and recombine at a high rate. Fast forward to 2023 - very few people live like that anymore in Asia and in Mexico.

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Yes 👍 because mostly third world countries are easy to manipulate by First World countries Scientists for experimental grounds... That's how smart move from first world...

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Well, a century ago we did have the "Spanish" flu. It's my understanding that historically, one nation would blame another for endemic disease, like syphillis was called by the English the French Pox or vice versa. Of course, in the modern age we are so politicaly sensitive we must obscure such terms, even if they were accurate labels. Witness the recent rebranding of monkeypox to M-Pox, presuably because it might have offended monkeys?

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As I heard on Sasha's very enlightening talk with Catherine Austin Fitts today (Aug 30), "the next variant will be called BS.24.7"

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Lol. I’m using that too. It’s a perfect answer and I’m using it to see what expression unfolds on faces when uttered. 🤪🤣🤣🤣.

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That's perfect, even I I can remember that variant.

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Love it!

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Hello everyone. I'm going to be a bit cheeky and post a poem that I found on the UK newspaper (Daily Mail) last night. It was so good I have to share it. Hats off to the author.

(btw - the article is titled " Covid and flu jab brought forward over 'concerning' Covid variant: Vaccines to be deployed in less than a fortnight over fears Pirola will overwhelm NHS" - and there already almost 6,000 comments - mostly saying NOOOOO !!!!!)

Congratulations Dr Byram - a brilliantly written article as always. You are a beacon in these dark times.🙏

Heres the poem -:

Vaxxer, Vaxxer, so obsessed,

Wore your mask and took your tests.

Still got Covid, every strain,

Spike proteins inside your brain...

Short of breath at twenty four,

“Dr. Fauci, give me more!"

Proteins tangle and misfold,

Myocarditis taking hold...

Swollen heart at twenty five,

"Thank Moderna I'm alive!"

But there’s no cure for the micro-clot,

Getting worse with every shot...

Heart attack at twenty six,

Prayed to Pfizer for a fix.

Vaxxer, Vaxxer, death is lurking,

Doctor says, "That means it's working."...

Died of SADS at twenty seven,

All good Vaxxers go to heaven.

Obituary headline noted:

“Anti-Vaxxer Dies of Covid."...

His family is quite upset,

But they're alive, at least as yet.

And, they say, "It’s for the better - Without the vax,

he would be deader."

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Dark but very good!

I’ll repost.

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I'm English. Love the poem.

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Wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you so very much for this breakdown. “Never again should the value of naturally acquired immunity be dismissed.” Yes!

Saving this article for friends and family being stirred up with fear.

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And isn't it true that most of us have been exposed to Covid by now?

Just keep those D levels up!

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So, the big question is how do you convince the convinced that fear is being manufactured. I can see it, why can't my very educated brother? When I told him the variant was BS 24-7 he argued that it was real, I agreed. This is bullshit 24 hours, 7 days a week by the fear mongers. I let him know that I would not be wearing a mask, nor locking down again. I am an adult, I will take my chances.

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If you sent him this article maybe it would help? The other night even Fauci said it’s not that infectious and there’s 96% community protection. Of course he thinks jabs are still necessary which is antithetical to what he acknowledged. I’ve learned to tiptoe around Covid topics and I also have articles like this one at the ready for friends who may express fear (here’s an article to help you see the data clearly), but no one can open the eyes of the blind, especially the willfully blind (except the Holy Spirit). Fear is addictive and the mass psychosis is real. I recommend keeping a calm and quiet steadfast heart and gentle attitude because the “convinced” are trapped and fearful, I learned the hard way that arguing and facts just make them crawl farther into the cage or it turns into a “who is right fight” which takes the focus off the facts. All we can do is keep a clear conscience and make wise choices, learn from our mistakes and have compassion

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Me too.

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Dr. Tom Cowan would agree with you, he’s also of the professional opinion that viruses do not exist. I’d like to see a debate between Dr. Cowan and Dr. Bridle.

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I’m with you.

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Comment deleted
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I’m convinced because I’ve done sufficient diligence to arrive at a view.

Unfortunately it cuts no ice at all with the majority caught in the narrative.

Even when I explain the reasoning.

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Don't short yourself from the big picture. You made massive headway.

Others applaud you as I had and still do, early in the cast of truth/ and integrity characters Vs The Greatest Fraud on Earth. The circus came to town....but never left. Squelch....Houston we have a problem!! Copy that!

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Moderna lost $1.4bn in Q2 and is desperate to prop up its falling share price.


That’s the main reason the hype machine is revving up.

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It’s a fascinating moment in history when “healthcare” is an investment opportunity, because nothing produces profits like sick people.

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In USA where our medical profession is run by corporations, this isn't anything new. Dr's are told what they can and can't do!

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An AMA contract similarly reads you are hereby approved and "LICENSED" to "PRACTICE" within a group of specialty Medical tasks you are now Authorized in.

But not allowed to "Practice" outside of that Bubble. GOT IT!! GOOD FOR YOU!

Enjoy the way above average pay grade raise. The stress is not that bad, really.

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The new variant--BS.24/7

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Exactly. I read the investment news because that more accurately predicts where we are ‘going’ with the virus.

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More than that, our politicians want the same control of the masses COVID gave them. The FDA approved the jab. Knowing what we know now it implies Government collusion. Next new vaccine I want to know if the Pharmaceutical industry was mandating it for all their employees. I know many working in that field just refused the jab and worked from home.

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Pfizer, the NIH, CDC, and FDA have made it so strokes, heart attacks, neurological diseases, and sudden death are normalized standard expectations since the vax was rolled out. All in the name of preventing coughs, sneezes, fever, and sniffles. In case you have not caught on yet, mankind is the disease they are working tirelessly to eradicate.

SARS-CoV2 is dangerous to almost no one - and they knew it nearly from the the start.

https://tritorch.com/covidKillRate [image]

https://tritorch.com/CDCIFR2020 [image]

In September 2020, this was the CDC's best estimate for the COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate:

0-19 years old: 0.00003

20-49 years old: 0.0002

50-69 years old: 0.005

70+ years old: 0.054

Meaning all of the following carnage was based on a deliberate lie:

The masks ● the social distancing ● the lockdowns ● the economic and farming destruction ● the mental and physical health destruction ● the arrested development of millions of children ● the myriad of preventable suicides ● the bevy of new, rushed, barely tested, deadly vaccines

They had a practice run for this charade in 2009: https://youtu.be/Gs-DBOFWCpc [3.31mins]

Resist and take action or be a slave.

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I’m unpopular in not believing there’s even been a pandemic of a novel virus.

But, if there truly has been, then this I’m sure of.

Past pandemics have never lasted more wa few weeks to a few months in any one spot, and never approaching four years.

Everybody in the world has by now been exposed to a version of said virus.

Their immune system will have dismembered the pathogen and memorised dozens of notable antigens.

Therefter variants, which differ by low % amounts compared with the alleged original strain, will all be recognised.

I’m calling total BS at this point, if not a long time ago.

Thank you, Byram!

Best wishes


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Comment deleted
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I’m sure you’re right.

The entire event is manufactured.

I’m suspicious that what they’re telling us they’ve found in people isn’t true.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if every major result is fraud.

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Thank you, Dr Bridle! You have been a beacon of clarity to my wife and I from the moment you excitedly announced the findings of the Japanese bio-distribution study! We pray that justice will be done to the miscreants that conspire against you and other steel-spines, ethically stalwart doctors an researchers! God bless you richly!

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Another scariant of the SCAM, all planned in advance.

Reminder. Dr Phil Febo: Moderna and Pfizer Never Had the ‘Isolated’ Virus in Their Lab, They Used the Sequence Sent From China

Chinese CDC Admits They Never Isolated the Virus. Kary Mullis about PCR test


Dr. Michael Yeadon: Every Single Thing We Were Told Is a LIE

'The “Vaccines”Have Killed Millions... Personally I No Longer Believe There Was Any Novel Respiratory Virus... If we can’t persuade people of that, humanity is going down'


They are mocking us:

Nothing To See Here: UK To Deploy mRNA Nanoparticle Biowepon Shots From 9/11 2023

All by the numbers


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"Pirola" according to the Wordsense dictionary means "dick" - as in nothing. eg " last weekend I did dick all."

They are dicking with us.

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while being trained in bioinformatics on protein sequences and wanting to determine actually which residues are NOW mutated, I just absolutely can't find the sequence of that new version...

Even CDC doesn't even bother to put it out!!! Where is it? Does it really exist?

Wanted just to check out how that new sequence converges towards certain known targets, like venoms.

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Are you suggesting that there is a way to select the right mutations by pushing with ineffective vaccines. Like the tactic in the movie Red October, pinging the sonar with no attempt at actually locating a submerged vessel, just chasing into the target region.

My First impressions of cov19

Was that it looked like a weak version of nerve toxin like anthrax or agent orange , slow acting and less lethal, decades of toxic research into depopulation and bio warfare,

I Wonder who will win this war of illness, read the art of war and you may have a better grasp of the overall tactic.

For my loved ones it’s lots of vitamin d,c, zinc and occasionally a nebulizer treatment or two.

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I do believe every single amino acid counts, on purpose. The Spike does contain pieces of anthrax toxin, but it also contains lot of essential human proteins, which simply explains all the autoimmune effects, including HIV. Actually in particular HIV (https://mejbcart.substack.com/p/how-much-hiv-is-in-sars-cov-2-faucis).

The biggest hit was when Dr. Ardis pointed to venom sequences embedded into the synthetics injected into all the victims. That was the missing part in all my sequence analysis ever since 2020, and it horrified me. When you listen to those 4 guys you will grasp what's behind it:


Your strategy is good, Vitamin C is ALWAYS GREAT. Oh just one thought went through my mind, connected with the geoengineering sprayings across the entire globe. Why metals, aluminum in particular? Clearly crawling creatures must be adapted to way more minerals in the soil as we humans are. Maybe indeed it is not only to reflect EMF in the ionosphere but in particular to 'adapt' us HUMANS to more metals..? Just a thought. And when speaking about METALS, actually the no 1 chelator is not Vit C but rather EDTA. PLease LOOK at the cover of TIME magazine from 1999 with the title:

"The future of MEDICINE" with subtitle: How genetic engineering will change us in the next century.

It is getting SO IMPORTANT, to get onboard every single person in the fight against those MONSTERS.

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Agree entirely, my supplement regime is much more comprehensive than I previously indicated. Having experienced many different health alternatives, I have a personalized nutrition and prevention regime that is far more comprehensive than most medical doctors can comprehend. I only test products and therapies that I understand in theory and are not financially beneficial to large companies. Every one is a unique individual and the fact that diversity and complexity of the natural biomes are being destroyed by monoculture science and medicine is very alarming.

I have not tried EDTA and have no doubt that it would be amazing and effective, since I have used essential oils for many years and experience the massive benefits of chelating herbs like turmeric, ginger, garlic, bromelain, I probably will not go for that method. Also I regularly use a concentrated ionic mineral solution to assist in regulating my mineral composition , which I recommend to anyone who will try it.

5G , Bluetooth and emf has personally messed with my neural function following a recent dental treatment , I added a nano-zeolite spray and eventually experienced the expulsion of many toxins through my sweat glands. Dr Anna knows what she is doing is extremely important and precise. God bless her.

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Now it is clear why you are here. EDTA was applied ever since when it was patented by Monsanto in 30-ies...

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Thank you for another excellent conversation

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Have you checked Dr Ealey's site? He was following the sequence chasers to keep up with their antics.

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On a runaway train

Racing towards a cliff

Danger is present

It's hard to miss

But don't dare speak up

Or slam on the brakes

Conspiracy theories

Say conmen and snakes

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This comment is a variant of my last comment. Eat the elites before they eat you???

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fatigued of this evil nonsense already.

pirola defined (they’re laughing at you)…


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Sorry but I didn’t panic at the start with the first one, not gonna start now.

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