during the pandemic, i had to take a PCR test for a small job. i asked the woman (morbidly obese and wearing false eyelashes so long they could have served as social distancers) who was administering the test, what cycle threshold it was being run at. she obviously didn't know what a cycle was or what a threshold meant. she went off to ask her supervisor who also didn't know. i agreed to the test without knowing the one thing i wanted to know.

i didn't take the vaccine (and have the job loss to prove it) but i can only imagine what questions the recently hired and hastily trained shot givers couldn't answer about it. there was no "informed" consent. anyone who thinks they made an educated decision is a fool

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What struck me immediately after the Government of Canada made a hurried agreement to purchase 140 million doses of an untried and untested 'vaccine' for only 37 million Citizens, was the obvious potential for fraud! However, none of the opposition parties in government seemed to have any problem or concerns with this transaction?

The same scenario played out in other countries around the World.

I do not think that the terms of this agreement are legally binding on Canadian Citizens for several reasons, chiefly that the government acted without legal authority and without any consultation of the citizens. The same would hold true for the current WHO treaty which places the WHO in a position of Dictatorial Authority over the people of Canada? You cannot transform a constitutional Democracy into a Dictatorship by some fiat order at the whim of a bureaucracy!

Past time for a new structure in Canada, and I don't mean Dictatorship!

In case you wonder at my temerity; Sedition is a legal oxymoron in a Democracy!

When the Entire Government behaves like a "Uniparty", there is no point in supporting any of them.

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No one is coming to save us. We must do it ourselves. LocalResistance.org provides a safe, anonymous search tool to easily locate neighbours in your own city or town who share your concerns and who are willing to stand together and press for truth locally. By linking locally we can find strength and support, we can communicate, coordinate, educate and resist, we can pool resources and organize alternatives.

We need a worldwide network of independent local resistance cells, too numerous to eliminate, autonomous and locally controlled, acting continuously to expose and expel all of the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and corporations who would deny our personal freedom, sovereignty and natural rights.

Use this website to locate neighbours who are willing to organize local resistance and boycott any business, organization or institution that tries to enforce mask, vaccine or any other mandates in your town or city. The more of us that get involved, the safer each one of us becomes. There is strength in numbers, that is why it is so important to spread the word and organize locally. If a neighbour is hassled or treated unfairly then the local team can mobilize resources to help the victim.

One person can make a difference as this web site proves. After you register, please don’t wait. Reach out to others near where you live and begin a conversation. If no one else has registered yet in your community, spread the word locally yourself, post notices, print and distribute simple flyers. Take the lead and your energy will attract others. It will also boost your spirits to be doing something positive. Check back periodically to search for new members in your neighbourhood. Check it out. Spread the word. Thank-you. https://localresistance.org

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Nov 16, 2023·edited Nov 16, 2023

Thank you so much for this information regarding the contractual agreement between Health Canada and Pfizer. It's late so I will download the pdf tomorrow.

However, regardless of the document, the highlight you mentioned really says it all. We have been duped, as has most of the world.

I'm really not surprised. When I heard that Pfizer was going to be producing the shots I was extremely skeptical. They have a long and sordid history and the fact that they paid out one of the largest fines in pharmaceutical history to the tune of $2.3 billion for fraudulent marketing, certainly contributed to my negative opinion of them.

As for Health Canada. I wouldn't trust them from here to the front door.

They too, have a sordid history and basically act as the front man for pharmaceutical companies seeking approval for their latest drug.

Health Canada is the last place I would go to for real medical information and advice.

Does anyone remember the " Heart Smart" effort by them? At one time in the recent past, many food products proudly displayed a " Heart Smart" logo on their products. Campbell Soup was one such company, in spite of their huge sodium content. From what I understand it was simply a matter of paying Health Canada for the privilege. Nothing to do with our health. Just a profitable business deal for both Health Canada and whatever company chose to avail themselves of this extraordinary privilege and marketing advantage.

I used to read articles by Alan Cassels who is an independent Health policy researcher in Victoria, British Columbia. He has written many articles about the integrity of Health Canada and needless to say, they are very damming.

Sadly, I don't believe any government in the world will be held accountable.

If they ever acknowledged the truth it would be utter chaos and political suicide for those currently in power.

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Unsafe and ineffective! Another important sentence on the paragraph cited by Dr. Bridle is "Purchaser acknowledges that Product shall not be serialized."

"Serialization is a process in which a unique number is assigned and marked directly on a product or its packaging – typically achieved through barcoding technology. Serialization promotes item-level traceability and represents a departure from normal manufacturing process whereby products are assigned to batches and lots."


Serialization would have allowed ID'ing the shot at vial level. This could suggest that while there are "hot batches", maybe not all of the items from the "hot batch" are created equally hot... Unfortunately, my reasoning does not solve the issue of whether this intra-batch variability results from bad manufacturing practices, intent, or both. Regardless, these products were created with the intent to maim and kill.

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The government that is in office in our nation’s capital and every provincial capital of Canada deserves to roast in hell for pushing this foul brew upon a naive population. Selling it as safe and effective is the crime of the past 20 centuries. I implore the Ancient of Days to hear the prayers of the affected and the afflicted and let His mighty justice roll over these governments and despicable businesses and media empires that shoved these injections from Hell down our throats. I yearn for that day. 🙏🏻

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Restacked. Important finding. Good luck in Bucharest, Dr. Bridle!

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No. I am Canadian and I am not ok with that.

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Thank You for bravely reporting this and informing us of the usual malfeasance of big pharma scumand the bootlickers that still continue to gaslight innocent Canadians.

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Oh, the redactions, the redactios . They speak more loudly than the words under the grey bars they cover. Will that ever be known? We are supposed to have informed ourselves, buyer beware I guess. How can we be expected to learn anythig when information is deliberately withheld?

So, in the absence of information the answer to their 'offer', as was mine, has to be no thank you.

Hope it goes well in Bucharest Byram. Thanks for the post.

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Thank you for this info! Lot of redacted data, all confidential indeed..

There is an entire paragraph 2.4 describing 'delivery schedule', 'adjusted schedule', all related to the final LOCATION! For a delivery of a universal, identical gene mix to everyone, that part indicates something other than 'just' dealing with immune response and 'protection', which should be identical everywhere, theoretically. ANd this one is really strange:

"Pfizer shall ensure that all Product is properly labelled and packaged in accordance with Specifications and material cGMP standards" => so the empty pages in all the inserts seem to be the new normal 'standard'...

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Dear Dr Bridle - imho you're doing the best work of your life while in 'lockout'. A basement or a lab? Choose a basement everytime! Keep going, you're doing great! 👏👏👏

And, if a contract describes a thing as a vaccine that isn't a vaccine, does that nullify the contract? 🤔

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It should be noted that under warranties it states the following:

“Warranties of Pfizer.

Pizer warrants to Purchaser that:”


The entire section below this header is redacted. So we don’t know what Pfizer stated the jab would or wouldn’t do.

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“…Purchaser further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known…” Of course, this does not surprise me…

It should. Very much so. This clause means that public officials sign a contract and make a promise to pay for a product whose properties, potential defects and their impact on the safety of the user are not known. In other words, a blind purchase, with transfer of money being the only explainable justification for the transaction. Whether it is a “medical” product or “emergency”, or not, is irrelevant.

Try to sell a single tire for your car in this way…

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Seems to me that each and every individual who got the C19 shot and later tested positive will have legal grounds to sue for damages.

Yes, the issue of cause and effect regarding Adverse Injuries will also play out. But the first vulnerability for the drug company and for the govt authorities will be the lack of effectiveness as shown by the repeated positives of those vaxed. And on this basis it is not even necessary to resolve the issue surrounding the accuracy of the tests nor the existence/nonexistence of the bug.

The info revealed in the clinical trials may not even be needed for this.

The issue was one of avoiding being found positive in the tests that were, according to Health Canada, the only way to know if someone had C19, as per their own well-established criteria.

In other words, if you got the shot and got the positive result later, then, you were harmed. Not just because you tested positive, whether sick or not, but because of the consequences imposed on you regarding work and access to society.

False advertising/ promotion is unlawful. What did they promise and what happened to you?

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Patty Hajdu was the Minister of Health at the time this was signed. Down the chain, who were required to sign-off or to give permission to sign-off or had the authority to question before signing-off? We need that list. This is the list we use to begin the process that will hold them accountable.

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