The FDA isn't even admitting it was wrong just that it is SO OLD no need to continue to litigate the issue. Orwellian Federal Destruction Agency.

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It’s a de facto admission that the “advice” was a lie.

Which leaves the way open for murder/manslaughter trials. The covid killers need to be tried for killing MANY people.

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Correct. The Settlement/arbitration process is typically recommended by the side most likely to lose. The plaintiffs were clearly suckered...

Criminal charges of Fraud, Collusion, and Racketeering need to be initiated via civil Action Quo warranto processes. See: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/quo_warranto

Or (selectively) refer to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quo_warranto

Lawsuits work well for persons who enjoy wearing suits...

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I believe that the current term describing this is "limited hangout". Instead of admitting to gross error, they admit to just a bit of error or wrongdoing, while keeping the full extent of the misdeeds under wraps.

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Yep. But they’d been fiercely defending their LIES about IVM & HCQ since 2020x

So agreeing to withdraw all that cr@p is a de facto admission that they were LYING.

That will come back to bite them when they get tried for MURDER.

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Pardon my language, but what the actual fu(k happened with this? Why would they dismiss all claims for what looks to me like such a weak "win"? Where is the admission by the FDA that their guidance to suppress the use of ivermectin was wrong; that they may have thereby caused the deaths of an unknown number of people; that their policies were guided by politics and profits rather than science? Where is the loud public announcement that they are removing the offending material, to give its removal as much fanfare and media coverage as the material itself received?

I certainly hope that there will be much more detailed disclosure about this from the parties involved.

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green dog. I share your frustration about the outcome. There is no " mea culpa" to be had. They will never admit to their complicity. I read some comments from the plaintiffs and it seems they feel it's a big step forward. Perhaps it is. If this case and hopefully others can establish the FDA overstepped their boundaries and interfered with the relationship between doctor and patient. The doctors should never have caved in to these edicts. But they did. One tiny step at a time. A tap that drips all day can produce a lot of water in the end.

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green dog. On a lighter note your handle intrigues me. I am currently writing a book about our family memories and stories. To make a long story short one story was about my mother as a child in the early 1930s. There was a kid on her block she hated. He did a lot of cruel things and one of them my mother hated him for is he painted his cat green with paint he found in his garage. The cat died of suffocation. Until the day my mother passed away at nearly 90 she was a passionate advocate for animals.

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I am named after a puppet I act when playing with my kids. He has a very curious and fun-loving personality, and I'd like to be more like him. I'm sorry for your mom's poor cat.

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Most politicians/lawyers today when up against goliath are happy with just a small win. Disappointing to not see more come of it, but I guess if everyone had a small victory against goliath, then we would get somewhere.

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Excellent info as usual. Thank you Dr. Bridle.

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I believe that ivermectin was held back from the public because it was an effective way to treat covid. When emergency authorization was given for the covid vaccines it was contingent on there being no other cure. Had doctors been allowed to prescribe Ivermectin there would have been no need for the experimental covid shots.

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The thing is ivermectin doesn't just treat covid. Ivermetin, is a anti-parasitic, and when people get rid of their parasites, as PEOPLE DO GET PARASITES TOO, then they can sometimes get rid of many other illments like cancer, MS etc.. It clears the body's immune system to fight so many other illments. But that is a secret. So don't tell anyone. lol

The cat got out of the bag when they did covid. Hopefully it is waking people up to the role BIG Pharma played in getting us sick and keeping us sick. Now can we talk about the healing powers of natures herbs?

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Interesting post about ivermectin Dee. I did know it is used as an anti- parasitic, particularly in African countries. I remember all the forecasts for Africa being devastated by covid.. It seems they weren't.

As for the healing power of nature's herbs, I totally agree. My medicine cabinet reflects my belief. I listen to my body and respond accordingly. For me personally I often use a combo of oil of oregano and coloidial silver.

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Yes, yes, yes!

Pharma has deliberately denigrated & demolished natural medicine for well over a century. Many here will know the history but those who don’t really should look it up!

The FDA, CDC & all the phony “health” websites found by Google tell us solemnly that herbs & plants need “more research” or that they can have this-&-that side effect. It’s all PROPAGANDA to corral us into Pharma products.

There are MASSES of wonderful foods/herbs/plants that treat everything from coughs & colds to cancer. Nature is the best pharmacy!

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Below is a link related to the WHO treaty

and how they will enforce it (60 days and counting?)


Mar 22

Something I hope is of interest


The link is to a Times article describing the monitoring of sewage. An odd topic but important.

Part of the WHO treaty requirement is each signatory must surveil the population for new virus so the WHO can order appropriate actions quickly. Those actions are lockdowns to “mandatory vaccination” with a “non sterilizing vaccine product, yep really, we know all about that remember”. Of course mandates of non sterilizing injectables worked before, why not again!

Its the mandates that matter, being extremely profitable as they are. Bill and Melinda have us organized, don’t they.

“vaccines are great They return 20 to 1 best investment I ever made “ B Gates rough quote.

Consider all the immigration happening right now,,, this means whole new virus in sewage at airports, border crossing, in city treatment plants. New virus, new locations. Oh my, Ebola in Helsinki (I thought Ebola was tropical), leprosy in Toronto, Huh? NIPAH well lets not talk about NIPAH(thanks canada, link here) new faux vax, new mega profit, proof of concept for the WHO. ( its true I don’t capitalize canada anymore, I always capitalize Canadians)

(an Aside) Persons from different geographical locations carry different virus. They are not dirty nor disease ridden. We carry virus attenuated to our countries they to theirs. None of us are dirty, excluding Wall St, Bay, St. and the City(just for clarity).

Here is some “proof of concept” I wager the next pandemic will already have a vax available. You see there is no point having a pandemic without a vax, keep an eye open, see if I am correct.

We better get organized, just sayin’

Another interesting point:

At one time there was a natural lag between disease detection and drug intervention. Drug trials delayed the market release, ok so, that made a "check and balance". Also it took time to grow virus, attenuate the virus, grow enough virus, it took time, "check and balance" That time allowed the virus to Muller Ratchet(?). Now with the new science of mNRA, all that is required is a sequence of the virus, oh so easy. The sequence can be grown in a sequencer, then e’coli then to market. At one time we had a safety net built into the industry,,, time. (have I said “time enough)

It took time(OMG again) to produce a vax by attenuation. Consequently vax manufacturers couldn’t capitalize on a pandemic.. ITS all different now,,, “sewage sample” to market 100 days (nonsense) it will be 30 days. Time is money 100 days to market is 70 wasted profit days. No wonder the WHO is pushing so hard for this treaty. 30 days to a new yacht, Lamborghini, Tuscan Villa, for them a little something something.(trying to be cool and hip) For us a little sickness a little death, a little disability a little bit o sufferring(sung to Mambo number 5).

Additionally just for clarity, the border crisisi (I didn’t know how to spell the plural of crisis) around the globe are engineered and the immigrants are as victimized and usurped as any member of any country. This ridiculous drive to shift populations from South America, Gaza, China etc.. is feeding sex trafficking, drug running, organ harvesting, baby theft, adoption, the list is endless.

Open border policies of those in power are, In legal parlance,, I believe the phrase is “attractive nuisance” As the witch said ‘come into my house children, I have candy”

As the powerful say ‘come to the land of milk and honey, limited time offer” of course you have to run the gauntlet of some of the most crime ridden, cartel controlled real estate in the world. I heard 80,000 persons missing from the migrant run, possible(?)

Oh and fresh virus,,,, bonus.

IVERMECTIN/Hydroxy work, Who knew,When did they know,Who suppressed it

Accountability Now,Now,Now


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Thanks for all the hard work you are doing. We are with you all the way. Please keep fighting for the truth. God will win. God bless you and your family.

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We knew all along that the FDA was the entity spreading harmful misinformation. It is wonderful to see a small victory on the issue of smearing IVM....but just as we knew the FDA was LYING about this, there's a torrent of covid related issues that we also know are being misrepresented to the public. These lies must also be exposed and I hope this case is a catalyst for many more. Truth will come out eventually whether it is in 2024 or in a hundred years after we are all long gone.

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Cy. I'm inclined to take the same view. One relentless step after another. The biggest take away I have from this case is that it was established the FDA overstepped their legal boundaries and interfered with the doctor/ patient relationship.

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5 hrs ago

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whatsnextcanada whatsnextcanada

2 minutes ago

Seems like a win but are we sure this is a win.

Next pandemic, pandemic X, they will overreach again and much more.

They will be far better prepared, legalized suppression, legalized non reporting.

We need to focus a personal accountability of those that engineered, participated and profited at all levels.

MSM, Government and corporation say MIS/DIS/Mal(MDM) are crimes to be punished and those responsible made accountable, ok..

We need to re-legislate reporting requirements,

No doubt they will organize us so as to make us believe reporting of fact ‘VAERS’ “only drives hesitancy” therefore stop reporting, for your own good of course.

My family would accept that premise.

They do/will say promoting hesitancy is a crime, ok their rules.

A news actor /authourity figure promotes a lie make them responsible.

My family believe if CNN says it ,god has spoken.


A small victory makes us feel oh so nice.

We lose focus, drop the ball and feel we have done our part. I wrote about this 2 years ago regarding the effect of 25 dollar donation caps.

Lets be happy but vigilant.

They have not stopped planning

and now are experienced in method, and manipulation technique.

As a start

Lets prove IVERMECTIN/Hydroxy work

Lets Find: Who Knew

When did they know

Who suppressed it

Lets have accountability Now,Now,Now


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Shawn663. I agree with you. We mustn't become complacent. I regard this small victory as a step to more. We need to keep pushing but temper our wisdom with a hard course of reality. This is a formidable force that has chosen health and safety to effect control of us. WHO terrifies me. The proposed powers for this unelected body are draconian.

After 911 we gave up a lot of rights because we were told it was to protect us from the " evil doers".

After a whole generation grew up under that cloud of authority we are now faced with our health as the biggest threat to our freedoms.

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Nobel Prize won in 2015. Far too dangerous for human use, FDA claims.

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The FDA is a criminal organization. A step in the right direction but they need to be charged for all the deaths that could have been prevented if not for their dishonest messaging.

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Thank you, Dr. Bridle. On another important topic Dr. Vanden Bossche has posted an update on his point of view, mentioning the criticism of Dr. Malone (https://voiceforscienceandsolidarity.substack.com/p/the-quieter-it-gets-around-the-acute). I still think we need more scientific discussion of Dr. Vanden Bossche's views so people can have a better idea how seriously to take him. I've queried the FLCCC as to whether they reached out to Dr. Vanden Bossche to give him a chance to respond to Dr. Malone's criticism but they haven't responded. Nobody "high up" in the "medical freedom" or "alternative medical science" movements seem to want to comment at any length on Dr. Vanden Bossche's views, for some reason. I haven't seen one review of his book or hardly anything apart from your relatively short comments a few months ago. I realize his assertions are complex but there must be some virologist or vaccinologist in the movement who can assimilate and assess them in detail and/or appear in live discussion with him. This is a super-important issue, imo, I personally don't think silence is an appropriate response by anyone who claims to be any kind of expert on the pandemic.

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These clowns will never stop thier misinformation as long as the money keeps flowing and they are not in jail. They lost their self respect a long time ago.

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Finally they are waking up that the truth will prevail. Thank you for your courage in this fight.

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I view this settlement as a disappointment. The banning of Ivermectin seems to me to be one of the most obvious (and easy to prove) cases of intentional harm against humanity. It hopefully will be taken up as a criminal matter in the near future. It is so ominous that even today we cannot get this benevolent drug in Canada.

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This feels like an important win to me.

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Wow, this demonization of physicians claiming the worth of ivermectin has happened with the Bible and Christianity's official narrative as well. So called experts with too much academia and too little have belittled and silenced the Truth of the Bible to promote politics and to champion the idea that it is good to die in service to the reigning King or Government. Central to the Christian Faith Story is James 2:26 "As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead." When politicians take the spirit away and convince others the spirit aka God and the Truth your faith or you God given talent has led you to believe is not eternal and cannot save you and are just drugs that are not approved by them...well they destroy faith and people's good deeds. People and their deeds without faith in the Eternal Spirit that hovered over the darkness without form at the beginning of life here on earth ...suck people into an ever-expanding dark hole that kills any hope for the Spirit to generate Light and demonstrate how Eternal souls created in God's image and likeness can generate and sustain all life here on earth.

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