It's only been in the last few days I suddenly grasped just what sort of ethical / moral abomination the very notion of "Vaccine Mandates" truly are. Stop and think for 20 consecutive seconds about the ideas of:

1. Mandated lobotomies for all persons diagnosed with "depression."

2. Mandated administration of Thalidomide for all pregant women.

"Ridiculous", "outrageous", you say? Historically in both cases we came pretty close!

Thus so is the coercive administration of an untested, unapproved, unlicenced, irreparable injection intended to reprogram the human body's biology at the chromosomal level – after a deliberate months long terror campaign over an illness which – if it ever existed and I very much have my doubts – had a demonstrated mortality rate of 0.007%: You're in more danger of death driving to work every day! Under the original terms of The Nuremberg Code everyone responsible for the catastrophic scam of "Covid-19" merits the death penalty; as far I'm concerned their executions must be public, and televised: Nothing less is adequate.

No one knows what the long-term consequences for humanity of this orchestrated insanity will be. But they can't possibly be anything good.

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3. Mandated administration of chemotherapy just in case someone has cancer somewhere down the years.

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Surprised that hasn't happened.

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Sush you! Don’t give ‘em any ideas.

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Yes. This process of vaccination (a blood poisoning process, bi-passing our innate immune system), has been shown to be controlled by criminality at every juncture (manufacture, distribution, sales promotion). Any one allowing such substances to enter their bodies, knowing what we now know, is committing slow suicide.

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The mask will likely increase the chances of respiratory illness and impeding breathing.

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Yeah, well... Try telling that to the Blue-Pilled Pinheads, see how far you get.

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I know that not everyone cares or listens. I feel it is better to try and break false narratives and lies. I dislike how people are being pulled in different directions due to agendas.

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Lisa: been trying for 4 years.

ZERO feedback.

"Counting flowers on the wall.

That don't bother me at all...

Playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of 51..."


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Did you try going into a store and refuse to wear that asinine f***ing mask, and experience the results? Happened to me 3 times and after that I did my shopping on Amazon. In real terms the ugliness, brutality, and insanity (for the most part) was nothing compared to what went down in places like Bolshevik Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China or Democratic Kampuchea. But before the Canadian Trucker's protest and despite its ignominous failure, that was where we were heading...

BTW: Have you learned what's just gone down in France?

💣 France Moves to Begin Jailing mRNA Vaccine Critics https://slaynews.com/news/france-moves-begin-jailing-mrna-vaccine-critics/

💣 France: ANY Criticism Of The mRNA DEATHVAX™ https://gingerbreggin.substack.com/cp/141739100

💣 France’s Draft Law: Citizens Who Speak out against the Covid-19 Vaccine. https://www.globalresearch.ca/frances-draft-law-citizens-who-speak-out-against-the-covid-19-vaccine-3-years-prison-and-e45000-fine/5849818

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The Right HONORABLE former premier of Newfoundland Brian Peckford shared that horrific bit of data.😪

All one can say is:

If you stand for nothing you'll fall for anything.

And be brought to your knees. Not by Christ.

By Macron.

"You get the government you deserve."

You should see the shite happening in LA. Where I am now.


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Right outside my window.

I need to record this.

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I am so underemployed that homelessness is a real possibility over trying to get my schools ditch the mask.

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There is no “likely” about it, as the most prestigious scientific Meta Analysis was undertaken by the Cochrane Collaboration, of no less then 14,000 papers. The result? Crickets.

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They certainly did. And many of those who were sick enough to go to the hospital were misdiagnosed as having Covid and thus mistreated and when they died due the treatment not matching their illness, were counted as a Covid death.

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This thing about no one here following the previously established pandemice plan is something I wrote about last June. This should be common knowledge and it's easy to find this info, yet so few people seem to be aware of it. The Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan basically laid out everything we needed to do during covid and almost all of it was kicked to the curb, even though our very own Theresa Tam was one of the authors.

Anyway, it sure is nice to hear someone who actually understands this stuff talking about it as well.


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Not just in Canada either. A European Flu pandemic plan, various ones for the States and Japan’s and doubtless others were all thrown out the window and the whole, except Sweden, followed the same idiotic policies.

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Oh for sure - it was almost everyone. And the main reason they did was simply because everyone else was doing it.


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Just read the post in the link and left a comment. Nicely done. Here in Japan, it may have been a bit different. At first, Japan did nothing, and I was ecstatic that I happened to be in the one country that did not lose it mind over this. Japan has never really cared for what other countries do or how they solve problems they have in common with Japan. Japan is Japan and it does things the Japanese, arguably with some notable exceptions. In the beginning, Japan did not even have PCR kits available for universal use. No testing. Covid was diagnosed based upon a medical interview and physical examination and if appropriate, lab work. For a person to have been diagnosed as having Covid, they had to be thus found to have viral and nonbacterial pneumonia and all other causes ruled out, just how diagnosing is to be done. I thought I was safe. Then the one thing Japan does care about on the international stage was employed against it, what will other countries think of Japan if they do not get on the covid mania bandwagon. The Japanese government put out guidelines for diagnosing covid that were similar if not the same as those used i the US. Some ares in Japan adopted these, other made modifications and others simply ignored them. PCR “testing” centers popped up all over the place in and around Tokyo. Lockdowns lite were implemented and al the rest just because Japan didn’t want to look bad in the eyes of “civilized” countries. Life here has been hell ever since.

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It's hard to believe that we are being led by cowards such as these. Well, it's not hard to believe it anymore. Sweden was pretty much the only significant country in the world to buck the trend. And these bozos here and where you are, are still at it. I doubt if any of them will ever admit how badly they F'd up. Hopefully we will eventually be able to fire them all and start over.

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And that they all followed the same policies that were all exactly opposite of what should have been done, 180 degrees from what their own precovid pandemic protocols called for. This does not just happen. There is at the very least coordination on all this.

The cannot admit to their blunders, first because I do not think they are blunders, but also because to do so would open them up to a universe of civil and criminal responsibility.

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Campus control was the goal. Not health

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This whole multi-year disaster has been a violation of our right to live free from government intrusion.

Thank you for speaking out so early during this coup. You've been through a lot. You and the others who followed have set an important example. I am a former U of G student, so your position meant a lot to me, personally, then and continues to do so.

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I do not know what to say to the immediate family members of 3 cousins that died of TURBO CANCERS from October to December in 2023. What about the family of my friend who died in hospital in September of 2021, whom they advised to be put into a coma and on a vent to let her lungs rest and was dead within 10 day? What about the family of my friend who had just been advised she had ALS, took a booster shot TO KEEP HER SAFE, then immediately lost the use of her legs? She was dead within 8 months . My neighbour's husband that is in a rapid spiral of dementia that came on suddenly about 2 years ago? Sadly, I could go on and on. I am sickened by what I see. I have no proof, only my opinion. What do I say to them all?

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Personal experience is also concerning within my community. Since the beginning of this year, I have Friends diagnosed with a range of life altering health concerns to include stage 4 lung cancer, Devics disease (NMO), GBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shingles in the eyes, advanced prostate cancer, and with sadness a friend ended her life via MAID due to her ALS deterioration, which became symptomatic after the 1st vax in April of 2021and undeniably clear after the 2nd injection in the fall of 2021. She was diagnosed within one year of her 1st jab. I did not know of anyone that suffered beyond a miserable cold/flu like experience when contracting covid, as was my experience, with complete recovery to daily activities within 2-10 days for everyone. The cure was most certainly far worse than the disease.

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There was no disease LB. Covid-19 and The Lethal Injections were nothing but a scam designed to profit from pre-meditated mass murder.

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I believe that the shot serve a far larger purpose than just profiting from murder.

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There are no coincidences. So, sorry for your losses. It is through trial that we determine the true value & purpose of our humanity.

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How about -- softly, gently, to reinforce it: "Wake the god-damned fuck up you morons?"

... And then walk away...

"You can't fix "Stupid", no matter how you try."

-- John Wayne

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I say nothing these days.

Dead is dead.

If my only son is eventually taken out by this 💉?

Hell will have no fury and I? Will having have nothing to lose.

I will make it my MISSION IN LIFE to seek retribution.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

The good book might have got that part wrong.

By any means at my disposal until the day they bury me in the back 40.

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My son also did not listen to me about this. He got very ill with the 2nd shot, and wound up in the hospital a few months later with significant chest pain. They found nothing. I worry.

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The imposition of Masking must have provided endless entertainment for those in power.

Just how far can we push these maggots????

There is no point in having "Power", unless it allows for the abuse of 'Subjects'!

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Thank you Dr Bridle. Your courage and knowledge help others greatly.

Something no one talks about, at least directly, is how malicious, evil, ineffective, inefficient and arrogant our bureaucracy’s have become.

These public parasites, of whom we all know many, make decisions but suffer no consequences. How can one trust a decision maker when that decision maker bares no experiential or consequential markers?

Peoples perception is based on an assumption of trust. That assumption is the achilles heal of democracy. And it has culminated in the self harm through these jabs.

Trust power and suffer fear and the requisite consequences.

Seek power over oneself and the world becomes love.

We dont need bureau rats or governments. It was and is a lie. Central power is illegitimate.

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To us, the evil is like an enormous thunderhead closing in, a crushing darkness, but the leftists have no such moral parameters, control is merely a step to accomplish an ideology. Their relativistic world contains no lines that can not be crossed.

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You should see the UTTER MADNESS that is "LA Hell eh!"

Gone to it. In a hand basket.

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Why are you still there? Why would anyone with a brain remain in California? The Nevada, New Mexico and ..oh, forget it, never mind Oregon 🙄.. borders are so close!

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Why are you still in Victoria??

Never mind.

You've shared...

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Because my wife has 3 children here, and we've got 4 storage lockers full of crap... 🙄

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I have reasons.


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And -- I suspect like you -- for various other (probably not good) reasons I'm stuck in this shithole and finally... sooner or later, all of us are going to have to make a stand and there's really no-where we can fly to.

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“These 🤐 have killed me and I feel it a little more every day. It is for this reason I had the 🤐 batch numbers tattooed on my arm.” https://www.instagram.com/p/CwzlO66smyt/?igsh=MWpsdmFrcndlMDc1dA==

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Canadian post secondary institutions receive a failing grade. They were the very place we sent our bright young people to learn critical thinking. This is e evidence that that no longer exists. Thinking is now done by the state.

Thank you Dr Bridle for your courage. Keep holding strong. Praying for you.

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"Those institutional illegal mandates are killing them.

FYI: Every 2nd child and young adult in Texas and CA seems autistic. (either severely or on the "spectrum")

Very disturbing.

I'm documenting everything I see and hear.

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University of Guelph... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

FREE Guelph Ethics Degrees - available at the bottom of every Corn Flakes box!

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I found mine in a Cracker-Jack box.

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‡About masks

Virus scholars are not infected by a single virus, although it varies depending on the scholar.

It is said to be 10,000 to 1 million grains.

Let's compare the diameter of the particles according to the Mask standard and the material of the test particles.

Diameter of Japanese women's hair ≒ 80μ = 80000nm

Diameter of Western women's hair ≒ 50μ = 50000nm

To this extent, even a single piece is visible and tactile.

1μ = 1 millionth of a meter = 0.001mm = 1000nm


Pollen ≒ 30~40μ = 30000nm At this point, you can see the cedar pollen scattering, but you can't see it one by one.

Fine dust ≒ 4μ = 4000nm Even if there is a large amount in the air, it will only be a very thin mist

③BFE standard of mask

Bacteria ≒ 1μ ~ 3μ = 1000 ~ 3000nm It can be seen with an optical microscope.

Mask standards that can supplement this are called B(acteria)F(iltration)E(fficiency) standards.

Bacteria are approximately 10 times larger than viruses, and the test particles were [3μ] Staphylococcus.

Therefore, the BFE standard ~% is completely invalid for Corona.

④Mask PFE standard

PM2.5≡2.5μ=2500nm This is called the P(article)FE standard.

Most of the masks that are easily available on the market are of this level.

Standard test particles are ambiguous as polystyrene or latex [0.1μ] particles.

At first glance, this standard seems to be able to capture Corona, but

The test particles, polystyrene and latex, are charged with static electricity and are easily captured.

For example, when you break polystyrene foam, it tends to become electrostatically charged to the point where small pieces stick to your hands or walls.

It is necessary to discount Sarscov2 considerably (it hardly sticks due to static electricity).

It was later determined that the fiber roughness of non-woven masks is approximately 0.3μ = 300nm even for high-quality products.

With this, Sarscov2 with a diameter of 100 nm can hardly be captured!

In short, it's like trying to prevent mosquitoes from entering by attaching farm wire mesh to your windows.

A mask cut from a single piece of urethane is far inferior to the PFE standard.

⑤Mask VFE standard

Virus general ≒ 50nm to special giant about 300nm, which can be supplemented, is called the V(irus)FE standard.

However, the test particles were [1.7μ = 1700nm], which is large virus.

Therefore, VFE standard ~% cannot prevent Corona virus.

⑥ Mask N95 standard

SARS-Cov2≒0.1μ=100nm At this small size, it can only be seen using an electron microscope.

The human visible wavelength is 700nm to 380nm = 0.38μ.

Dimensions of Spike protein alone = approximately 10 nm in length, width, and height

Therefore, if this substance is floating alone in the air, it cannot be filtered out by any masks available, whether you are an amateur or a doctor!

⑥-1: Japanese standard DS2 mask test particle size,

The test particles can capture 95% of the neutral salt NaCL [60-100nm].

The mean value will be in the middle of the distribution range.

⑥-2: US standard N95 US standard for doctor's mask is NaCL [70-300nm]

It is much looser than DS2, and most of Sarscov2 will pass.

The chemicals used in the fibers can be removed by removing the mask from the airtight bag and leaving it for 10 to 20 minutes.

Chemists say people who wear masks rarely inhale.

However, there may be viruses that come in from around the mask, so

I don't think a mask can provide complete protection, but

I think it can somewhat reduce the amount of virus you inhale.


General gas molecules = 0.3 to 0.4 nm

O2=0.304nm, N2=0.310nm, Xe=0.432nm, SOX, NOX~0.3nm±

PhosgeneCOCL2~0.25nm (Gas Mask is detected by passing through the catalyst, so there is a time limit)

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Except that mask wearers will breathe in again and again virus ( and bacteria and fungus) that has been successfully expelled in the relatively few droplets that do get ensnared in the mask. If there is no seal, air is drawn in around the mask, bypassing it.

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I have a question about “viral load” in asymptomatic/presymptomatic people. Early on in the “pandemic” numerous docs were saying masks were necessary due to high viral loads coming from asymptomatic individuals. How exactly is this measured? I’ve asked Dr. Pierre Kory this as he was one of the better known docs saying this but got no reply. I’m hoping you can either give me a clear answer or point me to a decent article. Thanks. (I was an early member of the CCCA, we’ve spoken before!)

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Lay response: Viral load refers to the amount of viral particles our nasal, throat or lung tissues are being exposed to. A high “viral load”is an unlikely circumstance if no symptoms are present, yet unsupported fear tactics claimed the opposite (Dr. Bridle referenced this above)

Another use of the term is correctly made when stating that continuous masking of sick persons will result in increased viral loading & therefore increased risk of severe disease, as viral particles which would normally be expelled in the breathing process (as part of the bodies immune efforts to rid itself of virus in all ways possible) are trapped inside the mask & are re-inhaled - increasing “viral load”. One can also see that masking could facilitate the movement of a viral infection in the nasal pharynx to the depths of the lungs at a much accelerated rate.

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Hi Irene. Les has provided an excellent lay explanation. Here is what I wrote about it...


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Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight! This is an excellent article about the PCR test. Even though it’s technical, I could understand it. (And I’m an accountant, with no background in science.) I’ve bookmarked it for future reference.

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Yes I understand the idea of having a lot of virus in your nasopharynx etc. if ill. And thank you for pointing me to your article Byram.

What I want clarified is the idea that some doctors were advancing that asymptomatic/presymptomatic people were dangerous because of spreading their high "viral load" and this had to be contained by masks (which yes I know is ridiculous... chainlink fence and mosquitoes come to mind). Is there a methodology that can measure "viral load" in exhaled breath (not collected by blowing into a machine of some sort) which is then capable of causing an infection in another person. Has there been any legitimate research that has demonstrated this at all?

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Yes, this this, exactly this. I have attempted to get so many to understand this for four years. Result? “Shut up and wear the damned mask!”

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I’ve come to the view that masking is essentially a religious ritual, people sliding into psychosis after the death of religion


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When they - cough - screamed with joy '95% effective!' I raised my hand slowly and said, 'But it's 99.8% with the immune system. Which odds are better?' I got blank stares or dead air in response.

Thus, the mRNA's chances of success can be mathematically expressed as:

'I thought the Generals were due!' Krusty.

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