Yet another excellent analysis of what's wrong all around us regarding the Covid vaccines. I've been following Dr. Bridle since he first phoned the Toronto radio station to advise them of the Japanese study on the vaccines and Covid. Dr. Bridle is one of the few upstanding, experts now offering his vast knowledge on this topic to authorities who sadly will likely ignore his offer and suggestions of what needs to be done.

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I am vaccine injured. All of what I have learned in the last 4 years angers me greatly. The constant stress will do me in I’m sure. I’m sick with worry over my granddaughter whose mother was vaccinated and breast fed. There was no trialling on pregnant women but were pushed regardless. The corruption in peer review, health agencies and governments sickens me. So many very bright and ethical scientists worldwide are alarmed with their findings. Attempts to warn governments is falling on deaf ears. Trust in our institutions is at an all time low for obvious reasons. There’s too much corruption, wealth, influence and power in the institutions meant to protect. I’m scared.

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So, let's see now.. 🤔

2017 I was forced out of my paid-for home which I very foolishly purchased on "First Nations" land, while our politicians Federal and Provincial stood by and did nothing: Customs and usage since 1763, Reservations are conveniently considered to be "independent countries" and what goes on, on the Reservation, stays on the Reservation. It was also 2017 and I first learned of Jordan Peterson with his opposition to Justine Castreau's compelled pronoun legislation... You're looking at serious fines or prison time if you refuse to indulge these profound psychotics laughingly referred to in the Media as "The Transgendered Community." In March of 2020 began the Covid Fraudemic and 4 years of orchestrated, calculated lunacy, the mask-wearing imbecility, then the morally abominable "Vaccine Mandates" – of an untested, unapproved, unlicenced, experimental drug – and I was forced out of my job. November 2020 the Lethal Injections were released under the FDA's "Emergency Use Authorization" and Health Canada appropriated same without so much as a glance let alone a thought. January – February 2022 and The Trucker's Protest caught world-wide attention but that black-face assclown Justine Castreau and Kuntstia Freeloader invoked Martial Law and seized the financial assets of anyone who supported the protest... and not one commercial bank in the country had the balls let alone the decency to say "We will not comply with this naked theft and tyranny!" And let me add, May 2022 and the government seizure of people’s firearms; 300 thoroughly unremarkable bolt-action rifles and pump-action shotguns have been made retroactively illegal, together with the confiscation of heirloom revolvers and pistols. I’m sure the criminal element in Canada is shaking in its boots.

Come 2023, we're hearing garbage about "Disease X" -- what it's going to be we won't know till it happens, but Bill Gates has promised us we'll all "notice it this time" together with the passage in May this year WHO's "Pandemic Response Treaty"... and you know and I know, it's going to happen: The permanent cessation of ALL human rights and liberties...

Thus, it's been 7 years now of Orwellian / Kafkaesque Outrage and Atrocity, the grossest criminal incompetence and deliberate criminal malfeasance on the part of 99.99% of our so-called "elected representatives". The performance of all our so-called leaders has been an inexcusable, absolute bloody disgrace. Here in British Columbia Adrian Dix and "Butcher Bonnie" Henry did everything they could to foment terror, panic and hysteria and everywhere else in the world similar or worse barbarities were and are being perpetrated. And that's not to talk about the the utterly bogus “Climate Change” hoax, the destruction of supply lines, the conflagrations of East Palestine or Maui; never mind the judicial murders of people like Julian Assange or Gonzalo Lira, the deliberate slow bleed in Ukraine or the genocide in Occupied Palestine.

And now this, this stinking turd for our olfactory stimulation. The mRNA Injections in Canada were compromised with foreign bacteria and Health Canada buried the news, you say?😱 Imagine my shock!🙄💩

One more time: "When do the arrests begin? When will the monsters responsible be held to account, and publicly executed for this, the most appalling crime in human history? " Nothing less is adequate. 🤔

Why the entire planet is not in open, violent bloody revolt is incomprehensible to me.

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When the mainstream media and the ruling class decide to pick on a critical issue, it is usually for two reasons: first, the issue is serious enough and is affecting their interests, and therefore the narrative must be controlled to ensure that the results are in their favor. Second, in doing the former, the ruling class gets to strictly filter and manage the narrative on what needs to be said about any given topic; which ‘experts’ are given the stage to speak; and whose voices are excluded from debates, or even defamed and slandered, if necessary.

This Orwell 1984 T is perfect for these times: t.co/EKkMWeTAPG

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Excellent suggestion that the regulators ought to be chosen based on three characteristics: expertise, integrity and courage. Let’s shitcan DEI and replace it with EIC.

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In the mean time while they are denying the science, no diagnostic test is being worked on. Phillip Buckhaults IRB application most likely will be denied. There is no acknowledgment or help. If the public only knew you’re on your own if you’re vaccine injured. This is all so evil.

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In a recent Dr. John Campbell video, he shows a clip from the UK parliament where Rishi Sunak, their PM, stands up, bangs his fist on a table and states that 'the covid shots are safe'. Dr. Campbell pointed out that he didn't add 'and effective'. That's at least a baby step forward. Admitting they're not safe will open the flood gates to lawsuits, justifiably of course, they're playing games to try to avoid this and their own personal responsibility.

Take a look at the exchange at the 5 minute mark of this 7 minute video. The beginning is worth watching but very sad. The MP is a real fighter!


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Add to the list that these agencies & their employees can receive no donations or financial gain from their work & are prohibited from working for a pharma company for 5 years after employment at a government agency.

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Thank you Dr Bridle. I had not read Dr. Jessica Rose's Substack article explaining the mechanics of the clot shot before. Devoted over an hour; well worth my time.

Is this quote still true?


It has been two years, six months, and twenty-six days (938 total days) since the administration of my employer, the University of Guelph, banned me from accessing my office and laboratory. I spoke truths about COVID-19 when much of the world was not ready to hear them. As the University of Guelph still expects me to work, I would like to have access to my work spaces. Segregation makes me feel less than human.

- B. Bridle -

Do you think that you'd want to go back and work at your former Uni if they retracted their expulsion, admitted the gross injustice?

I hope your future includes justice - whatever that is.

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A classic Substack for the record. One day you, your family and children will look back on your words and writing with pride knowing that in the heat of battle you did not hesitate to protect them and your country.

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Back in 2021 Health Canada said they had contracted a third party to test the covid injections and found them "safe and effective." Is that so? Whomever they contracted obviously did a bad job. But more likely, this was a bald faced LIE given what they are saying now about how it's up to the pharmaceutical companies to do the testing.

The fact that three years later they are only now "looking into it" based on an article Dr. Rose has written shows gross negligence on their part. People have DIED because of these shots, LOTS of people. And Health Canada recommended these shots for pregnant mothers. There needs to be jail time for the people responsible for this.

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The Epoch Times linked to this article:

"Insights into new-onset autoimmune diseases after COVID-19 vaccination"


I took a look at it and the word "diabetes" appears 24 times in that article. The reason this interests me is because my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes within two weeks of getting the covid shot (can't remember if it was the first or second shot), and that was the first thing I thought although we've never really discussed it, and I've never wanted to go there. Still, I've been keeping my eyes and ears open to that.

Now I really want to know more about this possible connection.

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I just finished a fascinating book called Fisman's Fraud, published by R.N. Wateel on the pseudoscience and fraud regarding the unvaccinated in Canada. I highly recommend it.

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Another crime committed was the “vaxx” companies being allowed to use a different manufacturing process once they got the approval after the shortened trials.

Mass production was done with poor QC which later showed the contamination we are now discussing. Is this SOP in other pharmaceutical manufacturing? It’s like a huge “bait and switch” - we show you what we will deliver, but then give you sub-standard crap to shoot into your body…

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Always follow the money 💰, sadly.

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PM Blackface knows exactly what he’s doing. Why? Who knows what motivates a psychopath. High time to clear out all the trash from parliament and demand accountability from our elected representatives, reminding them they are there at our service, not as our overlords.

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